Camp Lookout is staffed by campus personnel and students. It operates under the umbrella of Christian Ministries with the Dean of Christian Ministries giving leadership to the Community Service Coordinator and Camp Program Director. The Camp Program Director is on duty at all times.

Leadership responsibilities are given to a male and female student leaders who are selected by the Community Service Coordinator. Beyond that, approximately 40 college students are interviewed, selected, and trained to serve as counselors. Camp Lookout has a host of additional campus personnel who also assist with the operations of camp. These include but are not limited to: administration; food service, landscaping; laundry; medical clinic; construction and maintenance.

The staff to camper ratio is one camp staff member to six children.

Counselors are also trained in First Aid and CPR. Counselors serving as lifeguards have gone through Red Cross certification. Many counselors serve in consecutive years.

Campers are shuttled to different activities in college-owned vans with counselors passing driving examinations administered by the college security department.

Before camp begins, all preparation is done through the Community Service program office. The Camp Program Director is also responsible for implementing of all Camp Activities while the Community Service Coordinator organizes the logistical side of camp. A student office worker will man the camp office once camp begins.