Admissions Timeline

Let's get started! Submit your application in July prior to your senior year, and take the first step in your Hard Work U journey! There is a timeline to follow that we hope is helpful to you; we want to help put you in the best position to be considered by our initial consideration date!

Initial Consideration:

Applicants who complete the application process by or before December 31 (for the next year’s fall class) are given initial consideration for admission. This consideration is not a guarantee of admission; it is the best way to ensure a timely review of the admissions file. Following the initial admission consideration date of December 31, applicants earn review of their files as they are completed.

If candidates have any questions as to whether their files are complete, they should check their application process requirements on Campusweb, or contact the admissions office.

Late Admissions:

There are no admissions after noon on Friday prior to the first day of Character Camp for any given semester. Applicants who wish to have their files reviewed and considered for admission must have a completed file in the admissions office by Monday prior to the first day of Character Camp. Applications submitted after this time are not guaranteed review and consideration. Applicants are reminded that finishing their files well by or before the initial consideration date is the best way to ensure a timely review.


Admissions decisions are provided in writing, through the United States Postal Service. Admission decisions are not given over the phone, and currently are not delivered via email.

The Admissions Interview

The admissions interview is a requirement of the application process. The interview is an opportunity for students to become familiar with the character of the College; it also serves as a time for applicants to express their interest in attending C of O.

The interview should last no longer than thirty minutes. Occasionally, depending on how talkative and interactive applicants are, interviews may be considerably shorter, or a bit longer.

Who conducts the interview?

Admissions representatives conduct the interview. Representatives are full-time employees of the College, and also travel to area high schools for high school visits and college fairs. Over the years many admissions representatives have been C of O graduates, so they are very familiar with qualities and character traits necessary for success at the College.

Who is interviewed?

The applicant is interviewed, individually. Although we understand parents are very interested and involved in the admissions process, parents are not permitted in the interview.

Are phone interviews permissible?

Phone interviews are permissible in special situations. Typically, if applicants live more than 4-5 hours away, the College is happy to consider a telephone or Skype interview. In-person interviews are preferred.

Does the interview include a campus tour?

The interview appointment does not include a campus tour. Should applicants want a campus tour the same day, they should call well in advance to request a separate tour appointment. Availability for campus tours is dependent upon the class schedules of our student tour guides.

How should students dress for the interview?

It is recommended that applicants dress professionally for the interview. As with any type of formal interview with any organization, applicants should familiarize themselves with organizational expectations and present themselves in accordance.

What type of information is assessed during the interview?

The College would like to learn about our applicants’ experiences in everyday living, time management, expectations, goal setting, coping, and value systems.

When may I schedule an interview?

Admissions personnel will call eligible candidates to schedule the interview after they have submitted required documents (as outlined in the application instructions provided to each candidate via email, and via Campusweb). 

How should I prepare for the interview?

Basically, just be yourself and come prepared to talk about your life experiences; we really want to know who you are! Familiarize yourself with the College’s behavioral expectations and general policies, all available on our website in the College Catalog and Student Handbook. It is recommended that applicants dress professionally for the interview. As with any type of formal interview with any organization, applicants should familiarize themselves with organizational expectations and present themselves in accordance.


If you are admitted to the College, many opportunities and adventures await you! But first, several items are required to complete the acceptance process. Forms and instructions for the acceptance requirements are provided at the time of admission.

You will complete the following during the acceptance process:

  • Acceptance fee,
  • Work data form,
  • Housing form (residence hall students),
  • Compliance agreement,
  • Payment Plan,
  • Final high school transcript showing final grade point average, graduation date, and seal or signature of school official is required of all admitted students, including transfer students,
  • Official college transcript for any dual-credit courses,
  • Updated college transcript (for transfer students),
  • Medical information.

IF YOU ARE ADMITTED Medical information and immunizations are required.

  • Hepatitis B series
  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus-diphtheria booster within the last ten years from date of enrollment in college
  • Polio series
  • Measles, mumps, rubella series
  • Meningococcal meningitis (excludes students who will be 21 or older on the first day of Character Camp)
  • Varicella series (effective 8/1/2019)