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May 14, 2024

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More than 150 alumni and volunteers participate in Doc Good Day on May 4 at College of the Ozarks. More than 150 alumni and volunteers participate in Doc Good Day on May 4 at College of the Ozarks.

POINT LOOKOUT, MO. — The Alumni Association of College of the Ozarks hosted its annual service day named in honor of former president Dr. R. M. Good on Saturday, May 4, on the College campus.

Dr. Robert M. Good served as president of The School of the Ozarks for 31 years. He embodied the concept of servant leadership during his tenure and played a fundamental role in improving the campus grounds, including developments such as constructing the campus chapel, adding a hospital, and expanding the campus to 1,000 acres. Good is also known for his historical decision to begin sending fruitcakes to the school’s donors, a tradition that lives on today.

During the 15th anniversary of Doc Good Day, over 150 volunteers gave back to the College that has benefitted thousands of students with a debt-free education. The day began with registration and an Alumni Council meeting to discuss various awards and alumni updates.

Participants were divided into 20 teams and completed various work projects, such as replanting trees by the Tilmon Fitness Center, spreading mulch on various campus flower beds, landscaping driveways, and painting the roundabout, the science building, Jones Courtyard, and the Welcome Center.

Angela Williamson, director of alumni relations, reflected on the success and excitement of the day.

“We are grateful for all the alumni who returned to campus for Doc Good Day and gave back to their alma mater through service,” Williamson said. “It was a special day for many reasons and part of what made it special was that alumni brought their families, and current students volunteered to work alongside all of them. We are especially thankful to Jody Braswell, construction director; Tyler Miller and Darrel Back, construction supervisors; David Lingner, landscaping director; and Nick Sharp, dean of work, for arranging fun and productive projects for our participants.”

While the participants of Doc Good Day have graduated from College of the Ozarks, they have not forgotten the importance of hard work and returning service to their community. By returning to the College, the alumni embody their love for their school and the importance of giving back to the College that gave them so many opportunities.

“Doc Good Day is a great day to have alumni come back to campus and serve,” said Bryce Reinke, senior computer information science major. “It is fun to talk to the alumni and hear about their time when they used to be in college.”