Scholarship Application Information

Points to be aware of:

  • The C of O General Scholarship Application is available to all current and recently accepted C of O students
  • You must have your FAFSA for the appropriate year on file at the College in order to be eligible for any scholarships
  • The information you provide will be included with information already in your student records to consider you for available scholarships

In order to access and complete the scholarship application:

1. Access the Financial Aid Office for Students Sharepoint site

2. Click on the C of O Scholarships location on the page

3. Click on the C of O General Scholarship Application location on the page

4. Click on "Sign in With Your Institution"

5. Use your CampusWeb ID and password to login to the scholarship system. 

Scholarship FAQs:

Q1. Do I need to apply for my work scholarship?

A1. No, students are awarded work awards based upon their FAFSA  results

Q2. Why do I want to apply for scholarships?

A2. The College has scholarships to assist with some of the costs of room/board and books.

Q3. Are there multiple scholarship applications to complete?

A3. For scholarships administered by C of O, students can apply via the C of O General Scholarship Application in the Financial Aid SharePoint. For a guide to navigate the application process, see Scholarship Application Instructions. For scholarships sponsored by outside organizations, see the lower section of the Scholarships Webpage.

Q4. How will I know if I have received a scholarship?

A4. You will be notified via your C of O email if you receive an award. 

Q5. Will everyone who submits a scholarship application receive a scholarship?

A5. Because scholarship funds are limited, not everyone will receive a scholarship.

Q6. Do I use the scholarship form to apply for the Summer Work Program?

A6. No, the Summer Work Program is a separate application to complete and students are notified when the application opens (usually in February).