Scholarship Application Information


Points to be aware of:

  • The C of O General Scholarship Application is available to all current and recently accepted C of O students
  • You must have your 2019-20 FAFSA on file at the College in order to be eligible for any scholarships
  • The information you provide will be included with information already in your student records to consider you for available scholarships

In order to access and complete the scholarship application:

1. Using Google Chrome, login to your C of O CampusWeb account (the scholarship system is not compatible with Internet Explorer)

2. Click on the Student Resources tab at the top of the page

3. Click on the C of O General Scholarship link in the Financial Aid / Scholarships section

4. Click on "Sign in With Your Institution"

5. Use your CampusWeb ID and password to login to the scholarship system. 

Scholarship FAQs:

Q1. Do I need to apply for my work scholarship?

A1. No, students are awarded work awards based upon their FAFSA  results

Q2. Why do I want to apply for scholarships?

A2. The College has scholarships to assist with some of the costs of room/board and books.

Q3. Are there multiple scholarship applications to complete?

A3. Please see Financial Aid and Scholarships in the Resources column in Campus Web for scholarship applications. However, for all majors and class levels to apply for room/board and book scholarships, the C of O General Scholarship Application is the one to complete.

Q4. How will I know if I have received a scholarship?

A4. You will be notified via your C of O email if you receive an award. 

Q5. Will everyone who submits a scholarship application receive a scholarship?

A5. Because scholarship funds are limited, not everyone will receive a scholarship.

Q6. Do I use the scholarship form to apply for the Summer Work Program?

A6. No, the Summer Work Program is a separate application to complete and students are notified when the application opens (usually in February).