Course Fees

Course fees are charged per course

Course CodeCourse TitleAmount
AGA 114Animal Science$10
AGA 224Anatomy & Phys Domestic Livestock$10
AGA 234Agriculture Laboratory Techniques$10
AGA 403Advanced Reproductive Techniques$10
AGA 423Applied Animal Nutrition$10
AGH 133Introduction to Horticulture$10
AGR 103Crop Science$10
AGR 213Soil Science$10
AGR 322Agriculture Industry Tour$10
AGR 413Forage Crop Management$40
AGT 153Introductory Welding$10
AGT 343Construction Technology$10
ART 123Drawing I$10
ART 223Drawing II$10
ART 233Three-Dimensional Design$25
ART 253Intro to Digital Studio and Design$60
ART 273Clay I$30
ART 283Digital Photography$60
ART 313Printmaking$30
ART 323Glass$30
ART 353Fibers$30
ART 363Computer Art$60
ART 373Clay II$30
ART 393Graphic Design$60
ART 443Advanced Drawing and Painting Studio$50
ART 453Advanced Digital Design$60
ART 463Advanced Ceramics Studio$30
ART 492Senior Exhibition$30
BIO 461MCAT Preparatory Course$30
CC10VBase Camp$10
CJS 236Emergency Medical Technology$450
CJS 291Criminal Justice Training$10
CJS 394Special Issues in Criminal Justice$35
CJS 462Marksmanship and Firearm Safety$280
CSC 133Programming Fundamentals I$30
CSC 233Programming Fundamentals II$30
CSC 303Data Structures$30
CSC 343Database Systems$30
EDU 213Call to Teach, an Intro. to Teach.$15
ENR 1123Engineering Computer Modeling$10
FCN 104Introductory Food Study$45
FCN 202Food Safety and Sanitation$40
FCN 342Cultural Foods$75
FCN 353Sports Nutrition$30
FCN 363Food Science$45
IDS 301The Call - Leadership Summit$15
MAT 013Fund Mathematics Concepts$75
MIL 233Survival Skills$10
MJR 314Newswriting and Reporting I$50
MPH 113Introduction to Photography$50
MPR 363Video Editing - Avid Certification$125
MPR 423Video Editing - Adobe Premiere$140
PED 213Sports Officiating/Fall$25
PED 223Sports Officiating/Spring$25
PED 271First Aid and CPR/AED$35
PED 274Structural Kinesiology$15
PED 323Aquatic Management$41
PED 343Lifetime Activities and Dance$25
PED 395Care and Prevention of Ath Injuries$95
PHY 1024Introduction to Geology$15