Carol Breaux head shot.

Carol Breaux

Title: Professor of Chemistry

Teaching Focus: Physical Chemistry

Education: Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, Washington University; M.A. in Chemistry, Washington University; B.S. in Chemistry, Saint Mary’s University


Engel, C.B., Breaux, C.J., "Investigation Into the Inteference of Cinnamon on Glucose Tests,"  April 2013, ACS National Meeting and Missouri Academy of Science. 2nd place in Chemistry Division.

Petersen, E.A., Breaux, C.J., "Examination of Intermolecular Interactions of Glutamic Acid Using T1 Relaxation Times," April 2014, ACS National Meeting and Missouri Academy of Science.   

Clark, S.N., Breaux, C.J., "Effects of Water-Soluble Cinnamon Components on the Glucose Oxidase-Peroxidase Test," April 2014, ACS National Meeting ad Missouri Academy of Science.  1st place in Chemistry Division.

Research Interests:

Investigate relaxation mechanisms for T1 and T2 relaxation times of solutions of brain metabolites as a function of conductivity, pH, and concentration.

Investigate the effect of cinnamon on glucose testing.