Categories and Eligibility:

  1. Distinguished Achievement - School/College of the Ozarks alumni. 
  2. Distinguished Community Service - School/College of the Ozarks alumni. 
  3. Distinguished Young Alumnus - School/College of the Ozarks alumnus who graduated less than 20 years ago and is no older than 45. 
  4. Distinguished Service to College of the Ozarks - Faculty, staff and administration, friends or any other worthy individual.


  1. The nominee must be living at the time of notification of the award selection and be present, if possible, at Homecoming to accept the award. 
  2. Nominees must show current and continued interest in College of the Ozarks. 
  3. Nominees must complete an official nomination form provided by the Alumni Office.

The Honors and Awards Committee, appointed by the President of the Association every three years, determines selection of awardees. The Alumni Council approves the Honors and Awards Committee's selections before awards are published. Nominees' files are kept active for two years following nomination.

Nominations for Meritorious Awards are open though December 31 for the following year.