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Character Camp
Character Camp, our student orientation program, was established to provide an exciting introduction to the College while providing a sound foundation for the development of character and good citizenship. We believe that character comes from an education which includes the head, the heart, and the hands. During Character Camp, our Moms and Pops (upper-level students who serve as orientation group leaders) will introduce the C of O way of life through fun and exciting activities and rewarding educational sessions that will prepare students for a successful "Hard Work U" experience!

To help build a strong foundation for success, a gift of $12 can provide a new student one day of orientation ($96 per student).

Suggested Gift  $96
Share the Cost  $12
Camp Lookout
Camp Lookout is a Christian, fun-filled, week-long summer camp provided for area children at NO cost! Camp Lookout provides a Christian atmosphere where campers experience typical camp activities such as swimming and hiking. Children from surrounding counties (ages eight to twelve), whose families cannot fit the cost of summer camp into their budgets, are welcome at Camp Lookout!

Camp Lookout is staffed by campus personnel and students. It operates under the umbrella of Christian Ministries, with the Dean of Christian Ministries giving leadership to the camp director.

Camp Lookout offers ten weeks of camp with approximately 50 children attending each week. This way, we are able to minister to nearly 500 children each summer.

In an area where many children are not able to have a summer camp experience, a $78 gift can help us provide one child a week of Christ-centered fun.
Suggested Gift  $78
Share the Cost  $25
Patriotic Education Travel Program
College of the Ozarks provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences for students by accompanying World War II Veterans back to the battlefields where they fought. The program’s mission is to educate the younger generation about the sacrifices of American soldiers so that their stories will never be forgotten. We recognize these trips as a powerful opportunity to reinforce patriotic education, one of the five goals of the College. The rich educational journey provides a life-changing experience for College of the Ozarks students, who not only learn volumes of history from World War II participants, but also grow to love and appreciate them. The student participants have returned with renewed respect for Veterans and a dramatically increased love for their country. Just $285—the cost of travel, lodging, and meals for one day—can provide a student with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. ($4,000/student)
Suggested Gift  $285
Share the Cost  $40
Mission Trips
At College of the Ozarks, we believe that God has called us to integrate our Christian faith with our lives, learning, and service. Because of this, we diligently spread Christ’s love to those within our own neighborhoods and the global community.

Annually, Christian Ministries encourages students to participate in God’s mission to the world through internships, mission trips, and service opportunities. These experiences often transform students as much as those they serve. As students participate, they mature in their biblical understanding of “loving God, themselves, and others.”

Over the years, we have been able to take trips all over the world. Most recently, we have sent students to Australia to provide evangelism and discipleship, Cameroon for medical mission work, New Mexico to an Indian reservation, New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina relief and reconstruction, and inner-city Memphis to help with building homes. At the center of these trips is a deep desire to communicate Christ’s love and our hope, through both word and action.

Your gift of $100 can help provide these experiences—focusing on mission, service, and self-sacrifice.
Suggested Gift  $100
Share the Cost  $25
One of over 80 fulfilling and diverse work areas, the landscaping department is responsible for maintaining approximately 100 acres of campus grounds (lawns, shrubs, trees, flowering plants, etc.). The landscaping crew also maintains five greenhouses, one of which provides bedding plants, trees, and shrubs available for purchase to the public.
  • Lawn areas: mowing, trimming, seeding, fertilizing, and driving a tractor
  • Greenhouse operations: plant sales, seeding, watering, transplanting, floral arranging, maintaining orchid collection and visitor tours
  • Campus flower beds: design, tilling, planting, weeding, fertilizing, and watering
  • Pest control (insect-weeds): lawns, shrubs, trees, non-crop areas
  • Equipment needs: bush-hogging, tractor and trailer, front mount mowers, riding lawn mowers, trimmers, chain saws, power rakes, aerators, and trucks
A gift of $25, $50, or $100 can be used to purchase seed, fertilizer, gardening tools, or other necessary equipment.
Suggested Gift  $100
Share the Cost  $25
Cost of Education
Students don’t pay tuition at C of O!

Each student participates in the on-campus work program for 15 hours per week and two 40-hour work weeks. Generous donors, who believe in what College of the Ozarks represents, make financial contributions, enabling the College to provide tuition (Cost of Education) scholarships in exchange for work on campus.

Generous donors support hard work, Christian values, freedom from debt, and higher education in a Christian setting. When students are accepted to attend College of the Ozarks, they make a commitment to uphold the standards of an institution that is different from the norm. C of O has a “zero tolerance alcohol and drug policy,” and modest attire is the standard. It is a place where students learn and grow as Christians and as future professional members of the work force. While many institutions allow more liberal lifestyle standards, C of O has chosen to adhere to high personal standards that equip students to become successful contributors to society. What makes a C of O Cost of Education Scholarship so special? It is special because it comes from donors who believe in the College and support young people who have so much to offer society.

For $110 you can pay for the cost of education for one day.
Suggested Gift  $110
Share the Cost  $10
The Armstrong McDonald School of Nursing program at College of the Ozarks, in its long-standing tradition of excellence, offers a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN). After acceptance to the College and completion of at least one year of nursing program prerequisites, the student may apply to the nursing major.

This nursing program of distinction provides a:
  • Christ-centered, biblically based, character-driven approach to nursing education
  • Nightingale model and theory-based curriculum
  • Leading-edge nursing lab technology and patient care simulation
Nursing students are required to purchase their own supplies and lab equipment. For a gift of $75 you can provide a nursing student a stethoscope for use in clinical course work
Suggested Gift  $75
Share the Cost  $25
Additional Scholarship Opportunities
Room and Board Scholarships

Students at College of the Ozarks are responsible for room and board fees. Students have the option to pay the annual fee of $5,600 ($2,800 per semester) from their personal savings or earn it through the College’s summer work program.

A $5,600 scholarship for room and board could be used to help pay the fee for a student, or to sponsor a student in the summer work program. Or, consider sharing the cost and sponsor one day for $25, or a week for $175.

Book Scholarships

The cost of books and school supplies varies from student to student, depending on their particular area of study. The average cost of these expenses is $800 annually ($400, per semester).

A $200, $400, or $800 book scholarship can be placed on account at the College and will be used by selected recipients according to their book needs.
Suggested Gift  $400
Share the Cost  $100