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Date: November 4, 2013


By: Turner Brock

College of the Ozarks Chemistry teams placed first and third in an undergraduate competition at the midwest regional meeting of the American Chemical Society, October 18 and 19.  The competition for each of the three-person teams involved written tests, including periodic table locations of elements, a Jeopardy-style quiz and titrate (a common lab method) to measure an unknown amount of acid. 

C of O chemistry students Rio Febrian, Bailey Halford and Anna Diepenbrock made up the team that finished first. Caleb Winking, Katie Petersen and Ellen Petersen placed third.

“The C of O Chemistry Department is widely-acclaimed for its excellent program, and especially, for the undergraduate research component,” said Professor of Chemistry Dr. Jerry Easdon. “The senior chemistry students give oral presentations at Missouri Academy of Science meetings and are known for winning the top awards (first, second, and third at the Missouri Academy of Science competition in May 2013).” 

They also give a poster presentation at the National ACS meeting; the seniors won a competition involving explaining the chemistry of cooking.


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