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The Association of American Law Schools does not recommend a specific major or minor as the preferred pre-legal course of study:

“The four majors most frequently recommended by law-school deans were (in alphabetical order) English (sometimes called literature), history, philosophy, and political science (sometimes called government).”
(Advice for Getting into Law School at

Successful study and practice of law requires: (a) an ability to write and comprehend written materials; (b) critical understanding of political institutions; and (c) creative thinking. Entrance into law school is based on a combination of grade point average and scores on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).

Law School Early Admission Programs - The College will assist students who wish to avail themselves of law school early admissions programs and, with prior written approval, students may apply up to 30 hours of law school courses to their undergraduate degree requirements. This combined curriculum enables students to obtain both the Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) and the Juris Doctor (JD) degrees in six years.

Several law schools have early admissions programs, including the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law and the Univ of Missouri-Kansas City. Other schools may or may not have early admission programs; the student should research the policy and procedures for application at the institution where he/she wishes to apply.

Students will need to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). “The LSAT is a half-day standardized test required for admission to all ABA-approved law schools, most Canadian law schools, and many non-ABA-approved law schools. It provides a standard measure of acquired reading and verbal reasoning skills that law schools can use as one of several factors in assessing applicants. The test is administered 4 times a year at hundreds of locations around the world.”

Students must complete all General Education courses and have a minimum of 95 hours, including six credits of Political Science, before attending a law school under an early admission program. After the successful completion of one year of law school classes the student will have an official transcript sent to the College and those hours will be applied to undergraduate degree requirements. The student will be granted a Political Science major, Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.

Students should maintain a high grade point average and strive to prepare for the LSAT by taking appropriate courses. Students are advised to select a major which could be completed in the senior year should he or she not be accepted by the law school. The fact that a student is not accepted for an early admission does not mean that the student will not be granted admission after completion of a bachelor’s degree. Contact the pre-law advisor, Lindon Newberry ( for additional information and prior to withdrawing from the college to attend law school.

For information, please contact:
Mr. Lindon Newberry
Assistant Professor of Business Administration
College of the Ozarks
P.O. Box 17, Point Lookout, MO 65726
(417) 690-3223

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