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Welcome to student life at College of Ozarks!  Students at Hard Work U may work hard for their education, but they also know how to play hard. Student activities provide many diverse opportunities that allow for a fun, Christian atmosphere.

Character Camp

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Leadership Opportunities

There are many leadership opportunities at Hard Work U that promote personal growth and the ability for students to make an impact on the campus community. Those students that desire to be the voice of the student body may get involved with Student Senate. The Council for Student Programs is also a great opportunity for students that wish to improve school spirit and student activities. The Leadership Development Tract provides students with the necessary tools they need in order to become a successful citizen of Christ-like character. Students that have proven to be exceptional leaders and possess quality character can also become a peer leader in our freshman orientation program known as Character Camp. There are many additional leadership opportunities that provide
students of all desires to get involved.

Christian Fellowship

As students are exposed to the mission of this institution through leadership programs and other various groups, students begin their development as a citizen of Christ-like character. This growth can further develop by getting involved with groups such as:

  • Baptist Student Union,
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes,
  • Chrisitan Ministries.

We also provide a non-denominational chapel service each Sunday morning. Please refer to the student handbook for current chapel and convocation requirements.

Residence Requirements

Students must be 17 years old by the first day of classes of the semester for which they are applying.

The following conditions apply to off-campus housing status:

  • the student must be a documented veteran,
  • live with parents/legal guardians,
  • or be married.

Students who do not meet one of these conditions must live in the residence hall. Distance requirements may apply to commuting students.

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