College of the Ozarks offers two options to those students who plan to enter one of the various engineering fields. Under the first option, called the Three-Two plan, the student spends three years at College of the Ozarks and two years at the engineering school of his/her choice. The student in the pre-engineering program under this plan must meet the General Education requirements of College of the Ozarks. The student who chooses the Three-Two plan will, upon graduation from engineering school, receive a B.S. degree from College of the Ozarks in addition to whatever engineering degree is received. For this option, two degrees rather than one are earned.

Under the second option, the student planning to enter one of the engineering fields may elect to spend only two years at College of the Ozarks under the Two-Year plan. Students who take this option will not receive a degree from the College, but they may accelerate their progress toward an engineering degree.

Suggested courses for Pre-Engineering:
MAT 133 College Algebra
MAT 142 Trigonometry
MAT 175 Calculus I
MAT 205 Calculus II
MAT 303 Calculus III
MAT 313 Differential Equations
CHE 114 General Chemistry I
CHE 124 General Chemistry II WI
PHY 225 General Physics I
PHY 235 General Physics II
PHY 303 Mechanics I–Statics
CSC 113 Fundamentals of Computer Systems
CSC 133 Programming Fundamentals I
ENG 103 College Composition I
HST 103 The American Experience
HST 153 or 163 Western Civilization
A World History (HSW) course (upper division)
ECN 203 Principles of Economics I
PSY 103 Introduction to Psychology
Any upper division course in Psychology

The courses mentioned above will transfer to almost any engineering school. Additional courses should be selected by referring to the catalog of the engineering school of the student’s choice and by consulting with the student’s faculty advisor, or a faculty member from Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics.

Please see the following link for information concerning course work at College of the Ozarks and how it will transfer to Missouri University of Science & Technology engineering programs and their suggestions for course rotation prior to transfer:

For information, please contact:
Dr. Mark Nowack
Pre-Engineering Department
College of the Ozarks
P.O. Box 17, Point Lookout, MO 65726
(417) 690-2559





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