Gabriela Galey, M.D.

University of Heidelberg Medical School. 1999.

Email: ggaley@cofo.edu

Phone: 417-690-2558

Courses:  Anatomy and Physiology I, Anatomy and Physiology II, Human Anatomy


 Jeff H. Rettig, Ph.D.

University of Georgia. 1988.

Email: rettig@cofo.edu

Phone: 417-690-2235

Courses:  General Botany, Ecology, Plant Taxonomy, Evolution and Population Biology, Medical Microbiology and Microbiology.

Dr. Rettig’s research interests currently focus on the pollination ecology of Yucca arkansana, a rare plant in Missouri and the systematics of the genus Yucca.


 Robert Snyder, Ph.D.

Auburn University. 1985.

Email: snyder@cofo.edu

Phone: 417-690-3274

Courses: General Zoology, Field Vertebrate Zoology, Wildlife Management, Conservation of Natural Resources, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Principles of Wildlife Management

Dr. Snyder’s academic interests focus on the human-wildlife interface and conservation of native wildlife and their habitat.  He has worked in environmental assessment, fisheries and fish culture in the USA and overseas and has international experience in the study and management of natural resources as it relates to community development.  He has also taught wildlife biology in Kenya and Mozambique.

Research interests:
Dr. Snyder’s research interests relate broadly to the enhancement of wildlife and fish populations through habitat management and modification.  Field work and research relating to the restoration of bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus) to the C of O campus continues.  Evaluation of stream fish populations in campus streams and analysis of the use of remote cameras for estimating whitetail deer (Odocoileus virginianus) populations are new for 2010.


David Zimmerman, Ph.D.

University of Illinois. 2012.

Email: dzimmerman@cofo.edu

Phone: 417-690-3227

Courses: Cell Biology, Genetics, Vertebrate Physiology, Introduction to Human Biology.

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