Transfer Students

I'd like to take classes before coming to C of O; how do I know what do take?

Read the questions below on transfer policies, and especially the link under “How will transfer courses be applied?” It is suggested the students take college composition, a college level math (or remedial math if necessary) and other general education courses (see the College Catalog), then click on general education.

When do transfer students register?

Transfer students with more than 30 hours may begin registering after current students have completed registration for the upcoming semester.  The process for incoming transfer students may be completed in person, by fax or mail, or by e-mail, depending on the student’s situation and location.

How will transfer courses be applied by the college?

In general, transfer courses from regionally accredited institutions will be accepted by the College of the Ozarks.  See the Transfer Guide for additional information on transfer policies.  We will need an official transcript(s) from each institution which granted credit.  Students should send an updated transcript, with current semester’s grades, if they are currently taking courses at another institution.

My transfer grades are low; how does that affect my C of O gpa?

The College brings in ALL transfer grades, including F’s and such grades will affect the C of O GPA.  If students have a cumulative average under 1.8 with less than 30 attempted hours, or a 2.0 average with more than 30 attempted hours, they will enter on academic probation for the first semester.  Unless students bring grades up above the minimum, or show significant progress for the semester, they may be suspended at the end of the first semester.





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