President Jerry C. Davis served on the Advisory 1776 Commission, a group that was formed to promote patriotic education across America.  Though this Commission was canceled, the College's longtime commitment to reinforcing traditional American values will continue.  Read College of the Ozarks press release.

For the 1776 Commission Report, visit the following link: 1776 Commission Final Report

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"We must reinforce American ideals and values at this critical time in history," Davis said. "Some in our nation seek to erase any distinct sense of American identity or American Exceptionalism from our hearts, minds, and history books. As America heads towards its 250th anniversary in 2026, Ronald Reagan's statement still rings true."


"Young people do not inherit knowledge of our exceptional country and its foundational principles; these things must be taught."
- Jerry C. Davis, President of College of the Ozarks

In September 2020, College of the Ozarks announced the establishment of The William S. Knight Center for Patriotic Education on its campus, built by its staff and students, with completion slated for 2021.  The Center was founded in order to take the College's tested patriotic education programs to the national stage and support the civic education of American youth through advocacy and digital resources.