Time for the Spring update on The College of the Ozarks Math Leagues. 

The dates for this spring's competition are Tuesday April 3, 2018 for the Junior High Math League, and Wednesday April 4, 2018 for the Senior High Math League.  From this location you will be able to submit all of the forms necessary to participate in either competition.  We hope to see you and your students again this year!


1) We will be continuing several of the features started over the past several years. Prominent among them are A) the new flavor of integration of all areas of math into our various "topics"; B) the allowing of calculators (graphing or otherwise) in all divisions of both contests; C)the assembling for our first meeting is to be held this year in the Chapel; D) the totally voluntary entry fees; and E) the same number of awards given, based upon school size. If you have any questions on any of these items that aren't answered in these pages, feel free to contact me.

2) One of the ways teachers could help us is to send us 2 or 3 (OR MORE) test questions for ANY of the tests listed. If you have time, please feel free to help us and you by sending us questions you think are important and/or good. We can't guarantee we will use all (or even any) of your questions, but we might and it is always good to see what YOU teachers think is important.  You can either send me an email of possible questions at the email address below, write them in the appropriate place on the Response Form, or mail them to me at the address given below.

3) As always we are in a constant flux of recovering/updating our mailing lists. If you choose to respond by using the Response Form found within these web pages you can expect an email verifying our receipt of your registration but no subsequent mailing of materials unless you specifically request them.

4) If your corresponding colleague in the Junior/Senior High doesn't attend Math League, or if you know someone who would be interested, feel free to tell them about this web site and encourage them to submit a Response form.

5) Please complete the Response Form found within these web pages and submit it to me at your earliest possible convenience. When you do, you will be asked to also create a personal password. This password will be used when you submit your Participant List, so be sure and remember it. It is important to note that only after you submit a Response will you find the name of your school on the corresponding Participant List form.

6) After you have submitted the Response Form and are certain of the students you are bringing and the groups within which they will be participating, I encourage you to also submit the Participant List. This will simplify the day of the competition when you have been required to enter in those student names and categories. You are to enter the student names on the left and select the categories in which they will participate on the right.

I look forward to seeing and working with all of you. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all.

My address and phone number is

Dr. Al Dixon
Math-Physics Department
College of the Ozarks
Point Lookout, MO 65726

(417) 690-3379
E-mail:  Dixon@cofo.edu
Fax No. 417-335-2618

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