Senior High Math League - Bonus Relay

          Each relay team will consist of four members of which one must be eligible for Group I, one eligible for Group II, and one eligible for Group III. The fourth member may have eligibility in any of the five groups. The problems will be given in the following order:  Question 1, Group I; Question 2, Group II; Question 3, Group III; and Question 4, anything goes. Students should know their positions on the team before the relay.

         The relays will work in the following manner: a team of four students will sit in a row one behind the other. Each student will be given a different problem. The first student will solve his/her problem and pass the answer back to the student directly behind him/her. Part of the information necessary to solve the second, third, and fourth problems will be missing. The answer the second student receives from the first provides the missing information. The third receives his/her missing information from the second, etc. The answer to the fourth person's problem is the final answer. When he/she finishes the problem, the fourth person (team captain) stands. The proctor assigns him/her a turn-in number which he/she writes on the answer sheet and then turns in the answer to the proctor. Points are awarded in the following manner: 7 points for the first correct answer, 5 points for the second, 4 points for the third, and 3 points for each correct answer after that which is submitted within the 20 minute limit. If at any time before the team captain stands, a team member discovers that he/she has worked his/her problem incorrectly, he/she may pass a revised answer to the member behind him/her. NOTHING ELSE MAY BE PASSED OR COMMUNICATED FORWARD.  NO VERBAL COMMUNICATION IS ALLOWED IN EITHER DIRECTION. Once the team captain stands and submits an answer, the team has finished.

         The relay is worth a maximum of seven points. Rules for the relay will be reviewed before the relay begins. The relay score will be added to the total school score.

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