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Valorie Coleman
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College of the Ozarks
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March 07, 2017

The Keeter Center for Character Education hosts Classical Christian Educators Forum

Holly Duncan, Nicole Potter, and David LundeenS of O fifth grade teacher Holly Duncan and S of O kindergarten and elementary art teacher Nicole Potter talk with 6th grade teacher, David Lundeen, at the Classical Christian Conference held at School of the Ozarks on the College of the Ozarks campus Friday, March 3-4, 2017.

Scott WelchThe Oaks Academy presenter, Scott Welch, speaks to the Classical Christian Conference at School of the Ozarks, located on the College of the Ozarks campus.

POINT LOOKOUT, MO. — The Keeter Center for Character Education hosted a Classical Christian Educators Forum at School of the Ozarks on March 3-4, 2017. 
“The forum was born of the idea of offering classical Christian educators the opportunity to come together to encourage one another and exchange ideas,” said Brad Dolloff, dean of School of the Ozarks. 
“There are several reasons why I enjoyed the conference,” said Holly Duncan, fifth grade teacher at S of O Lower School. “I really appreciate hearing, as well as collaborating, with like-minded administrators and educators during the various sessions. When I am able to attend a classical Christian conference, such as this one, I come away with my educational methods and thinking freshly challenged and inspired. Because I know an effective teacher will never stop learning, I am grateful School of the Ozarks believes in investing in their teachers.”
Participants were from the following: 
·         Classical Conversations (Homeschool Co-op), Branson, Missouri
·         Classical School of Wichita, Wichita, Kansas 
·         Faith Christian Academy, Kansas City, Missouri 
·         Grace Classical Christian Academy, Granbury, Texas 
·         Ozarks Christian Academy, West Plains, Missouri 
·         Logos School, Moscow, Indiana 
·         The Oaks Academy, Spokane, Washington
·         School of the Ozarks, Point Lookout, Missouri
·         Gloria Deo Academy, Springfield, Missouri
A welcome was given by Dr. Jerry C. Davis, president of College of the Ozarks, and Dr. Sue Head, vice president for cultural affairs and dean of character education. Dolloff gave opening remarks.
Tom Garfield, president of Logos Education Advancement Foundation (LEAF), delivered the first plenary address. Garfield’s topic was “Who Leads the Dance?”
Breakout session No. 1
·         “The Purpose and Practice of Latin”- presented by Julie Garfield, Logos School
·         “Discipleship Inside and Outside the Classroom”- presented by Dana Klaassen and Kevin Thames, Classical School of Wichita
·         “Harkness Discussion Part 1 (How to Lead)”- presented by Scott Welch, The Oaks Academy 
Breakout session No. 2
·         “Building a K-6 Music Curriculum”- presented by Deborah Toews, Classical School of Wichita
·         “Evaluation and Integration of Latin”- presented by Julie Garfield, Logos School
·         “Harkness Discussion Part 2 (Demonstration with School of the Ozarks Students)”- presented by Scott Welch, The Oaks Academy
Bruce Williams, ACCS board member and headmaster of Grace Classical Christian, delivered the second plenary address. Williams’ topic was “Replace vs. In Place.”
Breakout session No. 3
·         “Stop Loving ‘People,’ God’s Call to ‘Limited’ Love” - presented by Josh Dyson, Classical School of Wichita
·         “Teaching Theatre in Classical and Christian Schools”- presented by Eileen Cunningham and Marcee Cosby, Classical School of Wichita
·         “Poetic History Teaching Methods”- presented by Tom Garfield, Logos School
Breakout session No. 4
·         “Using Games in the Classical School”- presented by Lisa Glosson and Catherine Calderwood, Classical School of Wichita
·         “How Classical Education Creates Better Apologists”- presented by Jacob Allee, Classical School of Wichita
·         “Living Like a Cyclops: What the Greeks Have to Say about Decorum”- presented by Dan Snyder, Classical School of Wichita
·         “Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Having Uncomfortable Conversations with Parents”- M. Wade Ortego, Classical School of Wichita
Following breakout sessions was the final plenary address, “Maturing as a Classical Christian School,” presented by Garfield. 
Classical Christian education 
At School of the Ozarks, the curriculum focuses on age-specific teaching, with students progressing through a series of three stages as they advance in their education. Grammar Stage: K-fifth grade students participate in the grammar stage, which capitalizes on the ability of young children to retain knowledge at an incredible rate and emphasizes memorization through fun songs and chants. Dialectic Stage: Junior high students (grades six-eight) engage in the dialectic or logic stage of their development, where they learn the ability to distinguish truth through critical thought and reason and are taught formal logic. Rhetoric Stage: Drawing on the high school students’ desire to express themselves, grades nine-twelve study classical texts and influential philosophers, learning the art of effective rhetoric and winsome communication skills.                               
Those three phases make up the “classical” portion of classical Christian education. However, the focus at School of the Ozarks is more than purely academic. The teachers also incorporate Christian values into their subjects. 
“Since God is the sovereign creator and ruler over all things, nothing, including education, is outside the scope of our relationship with Him,” said Dr. Kyle Rapinchuk, School of the Ozarks assistant professor of Christian worldview. “Since all truth is God’s truth, good education must begin by recognizing and relating rightly to him as God in all areas of life, including all subjects in school. Only from this worldview can we pursue any discipline of study with any lasting hope of success.”
For more information, contact Public Relations Director, Valorie Coleman, at (417) 690-2212. 

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The Keeter Center — the College’s upscale lodge, restaurant, and conference facility — was ranked the No. 1 Top Small Hotel in the U.S. by TripAdvisor for 2016. It features fine dining, historic lodging, and meeting rooms. With more than 350 student workers, it is the largest work station on the College of the Ozarks campus.
To achieve its vision, College of the Ozarks pursues academic, vocational, Christian, patriotic and cultural goals. These goals are mirrored in School of the Ozarks, begun in fall 2012 for high school students, and the S. Truett Cathy Lower School, opened in fall 2014 to K-sixth grade students. Seventh and eighth grades were added in fall 2015, completing the K-college model. For information, call the public relations office at (417) 690-2212 or visit www.cofo.edu. Follow College of the Ozarks at www.facebook.com/collegeoftheozarks or on Twitter @CofOHardWorkU.
03.07.17 – Paige Arnett


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