2005 - 2006 College of the Ozarks Catalog

The faculty of College of the Ozarks has approved the following special offerings, many of which cross the traditional academic disciplinary boundaries.


021 Learning Strategies This course is designed to help students improve their study skills. Many techniques will be presented regarding learning styles, time management, memory skills, reading comprehension, note-taking, overcoming test anxiety, and conflict management. These techniques can become powerful tools for success if commitment and positive attitude are involved. Other ideas will also be discussed depending on each individual student’s problems. Enrollment is required of entering freshmen whose academic record indicates they would profit from such a course. Does not count toward required 125 hours for graduation.

023 English as a Second Language A course designed for the non-native English speaker to help the student gain better command of the English language, including idiomatic expressions. Special attention is given to helping the student develop listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking skills in English. Enrollment is by permission (Dean of the College/Registrar) based on TOFEL scores and other evaluations. This course is graded pass/fail and may be repeated with permission. Does not count toward required 125 credit hours for graduation.

101 New Student Orientation (Character Camp) Required of all fulltime students. Course intends to provide a link between students, programs and services. Pass/Fail.

133 Exploration of the Arts An introductory course in the description, analysis, interpretation and judgement of the arts. A General Education course required of all students.

153 The Changing Universe of Science This course examines the nature of the universe from the standpoint of the natural sciences (astronomy, physics, geology, chemistry and biology) by studying a number of theoretical models and hypotheses that have broad explanatory powers in each discipline. The course also contrasts the natural sciences with the social sciences, languages, humanities and applied sciences. A General Education course required of all students.

313 General Education Capstone—Prerequisite: 60 hours with 43 in General Education. ENG 303 must be taken prior to or concurrent with the capstone course. This course is designed to be the culminating experience of the General Education curriculum. While the topics will vary, the goal of the course will be to explore the connections among the various disciplines to which students have been exposed in the General Education program. Required of all students.

313CC Capstone: American Ideals of Character (satisfies the Capstone requirement) Contemporary America with its emphasis on individualism and tolerance is rethinking traditional notions of character. The old models are being called into question, and the new models are heralded as harbingers of a new culture. In this course, students will examine those “old models” of hard work, fidelity to family, individual responsibility, liberty, and love of country, and seek to understand why these models are being challenged.

50V (3-15) Off-Campus Studies This course is designed to provide an opportunity for students to take classes and participate in educational projects at other sites in the United States. College of the Ozarks has institutional participation agreements with: 1) Focus on the Family Institute, Colorado Springs, Colorado; 2) Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies in northern Michigan. Other programs may be developed through individual faculty and approved through the Dean of the College.

Interdisciplinary Major and Minor Programs

Interdisciplinary major and minor programs may be developed by the student in consultation with an academic advisor. This permits the tailoring of special programs beyond the traditional major or minor to meet more specialized and interdisciplinary interests. The student should initiate such a program no later than the end of the sophomore year. Such programs must be approved by the divisional chairs of the academic departments involved. An approved interdisciplinary program is then submitted to the academic Standards Committee for approval. After reviewing the proposal and formulating its recommendation, the academic Standards Committee passes the proposal to the Dean of the College for final approval.

After final approval, a copy of the interdisciplinary program is submitted to the Registrar’s Office and becomes the student’s requirements for graduation.

Course Hour Requirements for Interdisciplinary Major and Minor Programs

A. Total hours for graduation: 125

B. General Education requirements as stated in the catalog

C. Credit hour requirements for an Interdisciplinary major:

  1. Minimum of 36 total hours
  2. Minimum of 18 upper division hours; all participating departments represented

D. Credit hour requirements for an Interdisciplinary minor

  1. Minimum of 18 total hours; all participating departments represented
  2. Minimum of one upper division course from each participating department

Note: Courses counted toward a major or minor may be used to fulfill the General Education requirements where applicable.

Citizens Abroad Program

Students enrolled at College of the Ozarks may have an opportunity to travel abroad as participants of a college sponsored trip. Overseas trips are used to enhance the learning process and reinforce classroom instruction. Students are accompanied by faculty/staff members and group size is limited. Recent overseas travel has included trips to England, Mexico, Finland, Japan, and Germany. Opportunities to travel are offered across all disciplines and majors.


2005 - 2006 College of the Ozarks Catalog