2005 - 2006 College of the Ozarks Catalog

A.  Y. Beatie 1906
George Gordon Robertson 1907
W.  I. Utterback 1907
F.  O. Hellier 1910
George K. Knepper 1911
William L. Porter 1913
John E. Crockett 1915
George L. Washburn 1916
Thomas M. Barbee 1920
R.  M. Good 1921
M.  Graham Clark 1952
Howell W. Keeter, Chancellor 1975
James I.  Spainhower 1981
Howell W. Keeter, Acting 1982
Stephen G. Jennings 1983
William D. Todd, Interim 1987
Jerry C. Davis 1988


Jerry C. Davis, Ph.D., L.L.D President
Howell W. Keeter, Ed.D Vice President
Marilyn L. Graves, Ed.D Dean of the College
Mayburn L. Davidson, Ed.D Dean of Work
Charles F. Hughes, M.S Business Manager
Chris A. Larsen, Ed.D Dean of Students
Rodney A. Arnold, Ed.D Dean of Development
Marci L. Linson, Ed.D. (ABD) Dean of Admissions
Sue Head, B.A Executive Director The Keeter Center for Character Education
Charles G. Zehnder, M.A Dean of Campus Ministries
Kyla R. McCarty, B.S Director of Financial Aid
Frances L. Forman, J.D Registrar and Director of Institutional Research
Daniel K. Chinn, M. Div Campus Chaplain
Ronald L. Martin, M.S Director of Career Center
Helen M. Youngblood, B.S Director of Alumni Affairs


2005 - 2006 College of the Ozarks Catalog