2005 - 2006 College of the Ozarks Catalog

Jeff Rettig, Advisor

The pre-medical program does not require the student to be any particular major. Although the majority of applicants will have majored in either one of the natural sciences (Biology or Chemistry), those admitted to medical schools come from all majors including the humanities and social sciences. Premed majors should expect to take extra courses beyond the minimum needed to graduate. Science majors should expect to take extra courses in the humanities; students with other majors should take additional science courses above the prerequisites listed below. All premed students should emphasize a balanced liberal arts education that includes coursework in the humanities, social sciences and philosophy.

Students should strive to prepare themselves for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), maintain a high grade point average, work and volunteer in situations where they will have patient contact (e.g. hospitals and elderly care facilities), and demonstrate good time management skills by active involvement in community service and extracurricular activities such as clubs and student government.

Most medical schools require the following courses be completed prior to admissions. Since admission requirements vary slightly for different medical schools, the student is urged to investigate the specific requirements for the medical school they wish to attend.

Two semesters of english composition
  ENG 103 College Composition I
  ENG 303 College Composition II
Two semesters of biological sciences
  BIO 114 General Zoology
  BIO 124 General Botany
Two semesters of general chemistry
  CHE 114 General Chemistry I
  CHE 124 General Chemistry II
Two semesters of organic chemistry
  CHE 215 Organic Chemistry I
  CHE 225 Organic Chemistry II
One semester of mathematics
  MAT 175 Calculus I and either PHY 104 Fundamentals of Physical Science or HS physics [Note: Most medical schools require only College Algebra; however, our physics courses require Calculus I as a prerequisite.]
One year of physics
  PHY 225 General Physics I
  PHY 235 General Physics II

Other science courses commonly taken include Biochemistry (CHE 424), Genetics (BIO 444), Cell Biology (BIO 244), Animal Physiology (BIO 434), and Human Anatomy (BIO 224). Many of these courses have prerequisites.


2005 - 2006 College of the Ozarks Catalog