2005 - 2006 College of the Ozarks Catalog



Academic Calendar
Academic Program
   Philosophy of General Education
Administrative Officers & Presidents
   Board of Trustees
   Emeriti Administration
Campus Christian Life
Campus Map
Computer Resource Use Policy
Cost and Financial Aid
   Emeriti Faculty
   Adjunct Instructors
Division of Education and Health
Division of Human and Social Sciences
Division of Humanities
Division of Mathematical & Natural Sciences
Division of Performing and Professional Arts
Division of Technical and Applied Sciences
Drug Free College
Majors and Minors
Special Programs
Student Life
Vision and Goals
Work Program

General Education Program
   General Education Requirements
   General Education Character Curriculum

Academic Programs
   Business Administration
   Computer Science
   Criminal Justice
   Family & Comsumer Sciences
   Foreign Languages
   Graphic Arts
   Hotel & Restaurant Management
   Library Science
   Mass Communications
   Military Science
   Philosophy and Religion
   Physical Education and Health
   Political Science
   Speech Communication

Pre-Professional Programs
   Dietetics Program
   Conservation and Wildlife Management
   Health Sciences
      Medical Technology
      Pre-Veterinary Medicine