2005 - 2006 College of the Ozarks Catalog

Stephen Miller, Advisor

The Medical Technology program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Medical Technology. Students must fulfill all general education requirements; specified math, biology and chemistry courses; and complete a Medical Technology course of study at Cox Medical Center, Springfield, MO. Students must complete 94 hours at College of the Ozarks including the following courses.

BIO 224 Human Anatomy
BIO 234 Human Physiology
BIO 244 Cell Biology*
BIO 304 Microbiology
MAT 133 College Algebra
CHE 114 General Chemistry I
CHE 124 General Chemistry II
CHE 215 Organic Chemistry I
Four additional hours of 300 or 400 level chemistry. Biochemistry (CHE 424) is strongly recommended.

The following courses or equivalent must be completed at Cox Medical Center:

Clinical Biochemistry 8 hours
Urinalysis and Body Fluids 2 hours
Clinical Hematology and Coagulation 6 hours
Diagnostic Immunology 3 hours
Clinical Microbiology 8 hours
Immunhematology 4 hours
Special Topics 2 hours

Recommended electives include Genetics (BIO 444), Fundamentals of Computer Science (CSC 113), introductory Business Administration courses (BUS 213 and BUS 233), and Business and Professional Speaking (SPC 313).

Students need a minimum GPA of 3.0 in courses at College of the Ozarks to be admitted to the Cox Medical Technology program. Application for admission to the Cox Medical Technology program should be initiated at the beginning of the junior year.

*Students who complete BIO 224, BIO 234, and CHE 114 with grades of B or better may apply to have the BIO 114 and BIO 124 prerequisites for Cell Biology waived. A student must request this waiver of the Biology Department and it must be approved before the student registers for Cell Biology.


2005 - 2006 College of the Ozarks Catalog