Graphic Arts
2005 - 2006 College of the Ozarks Catalog

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science

The Graphic Arts program offers a major or minor to prepare those students who choose some phase of the graphic arts industry as their career. The objectives are: 1) to provide students with a knowledge of the evolution of printing and related areas and its effects on our society; 2) to familiarize students with all major printing methods and advanced studies in the management and technology of offset lithography; 3) to develop students’ awareness of the current health and safety standards set by federal and state agencies.

Graphic Arts majors must pass all courses required of the major program with a minimum 2.00 grade point average.

Major in Graphic Arts
Required major courses: 36 hours  
GRA 103 Introduction to Graphic Arts (F/S) 3
GRA 403 Production Management WI (F-O)  
GRA 413 Printing Plant Supervision WI (F-E)  
Required collateral course: 3 hours  
GRA 243 Electronic Publishing (F) 3
GRA 263 Digital Image Capture (S) 3
GRA 323 Electronic Prepress (F) 3
GRA 343 Offset Press (S) 3
GRA 453 Process Color Management (S) 3
GRA 463 Printing Estimating  3
GRA additional courses: 12
ENG 333 Technical Writing WI (F/S) 3

Minor in Graphic Arts
Required Minor Courses: 21 hours  
GRA 103 Introduction to Graphic Arts (F/S) 3
GRA 243 Electronic Publishing (F) 3
GRA 263 Digital Image Capture (S) 3
GRA 323 Electronic Prepress (F) 3
GRA 343 Offset Press (S) 3
GRA additional courses 6


103 Introduction to Graphic Arts The study and application of the fundamental printing processes: letterpress, flexography, gravure, offset and screen printing. Also includes design, graphic software, paper, ink, bindery operations, history and safety. Students are required to complete, all aspects from design through packaging, an offset printing project and a screen printing project. (F/S)

123 Proofreading The study and application of the fundamentals of proof­reading using the standard proofreading marks and styles. Includes libel and copyright laws and how they apply to the printing industry. Also includes copyfitting, OCR scanning, text file conversion, and electronic spellcheck.  (S-odd)

213 Typography The processes of designing an image for publication; basic design elements with an emphasis on type, fundamentals of type usage and font management on the computer. Also includes typeface design, font editing, font conversion, and typographic illustration such as logo­type and masthead design. Students will be exposed to various graphic and utility software applications.

243 Electronic Publishing Electronic page layout using desktop publishing software. Emphasizes the layout and preparation of single and multiple page documents as well as single and multiple color documents. Also includes importing text and graphic files, collecting files for document output, and comprehensive output. (F)

253 Computer Graphics Vector image generation and preparation of vector files for use with layout applications. Includes using appropriate graphic software for creating and editing vector images, converting raster images to vector images for editing and preparing vector files for use in publications. Emphasizes print publications, but also includes electronic publications.

263 Digital Image Capture—Prerequisites: GRA 103 or GRA 243 or GRA 253 or permission. Application of methods, equipment, and software used to prepare digital images for print media and electronic media publications. Emphasizes raster image editing and creation, file format conversion, scanning, digital camera input, and digital comprehensive output. (S)

323 Electronic Prepress—Prerequisites: GRA 103, GRA 243 and GRA 263. Application of equipment, materials and procedures used in the process of converting prepared images to printing plates. Includes preflighting, trapping, imposition, imagesetter, film, film processing, image assembly, proofing, and platemaking. Emphasizes computer to film and computer to plate procedures. (F)

343 Offset Press—Prerequisite: GRA 103 and permission or GRA 323. Operation and maintenance of the offset press emphasizing the solving of problems related to quality issues, substrates and inks. Study also includes use and care of various offset plates, bindery and finishing. (S)

363 Digital Media—Prerequisite: GRA 263. Application of image design for digital reproduction including interactive CD-ROM, multimedia presentation and web page. Also includes an introduction to animation.

403 Production Management—Prerequisites: GRA 243 and GRA 343 and permission. Functions of management as it relates to the production of printing. Application of techniques used in planning production, scheduling, estimating, inventory, purchasing and plant layout. Actual production situations are utilized in classroom experiences. Writing Intensive. (F-odd)

413 Printing Plant Supervision—Prerequisites: GRA 243 and GRA 343 and permission. Issues concerning employee supervision and application to graphic arts personnel. Job descriptions, employee policy development, training, safety, legal and environmental issues related to the printing industry are also emphasized. Writing Intensive. (F-even)

443 Selected Advanced Studies in Graphic Arts—Prerequisites: 12 hours of GRA credit and permission. Directed group study of topics selected for advanced graphic arts students. May be repeated if the topic is different. (S-even)

453 Process Color Management—Prerequisites: GRA 243 and GRA 323 and GRA 343. Controlling color accuracy throughout the reproduction process from image creation through offset printing: includes color theory, color and density measurement, color and tonal correction, image editing and retouching, calibrating and profiling output devices, proofing and process color reproduction. (S)

463 Printing Estimating—Prerequisites: GRA 243 and GRA 343 and permission. Study of estimating procedures used in figuring the costs of offset printing. Figuring hourly costs and production standards will be a part of the course. Actual production records for estimating various costs are utilized.

48V (1-6) Internship—Prerequisite: 18 hours of GRA credit and permission. An opportunity for students to receive credit and obtain experience while employed with an approved graphic arts firm. No more than 3 hours may count toward a major or minor.

49V (1-3) Special Problems—Prerequisite: permission. Individual work to permit the students to explore or research a problem of special interest in the printing industry. Findings are developed into written form as a requirement.


2005 - 2006 College of the Ozarks Catalog