2005 - 2006 College of the Ozarks Catalog

Allman, Anne M., Professor of Art (1981)
  B.S., Florida State University, 1977
  M.S., Florida State University, 1979
  Ph.D., Florida State University, 1981

Babcox, Leslie K., Associate Professor of English (1996)
  B.A., Carroll College, 1976
  M.Ed., National-Louis University,1982
  M.A., Lehigh University, 1991
  Ph.D., Lehigh University, 1996

Bearden, David L., Associate Professor of Accounting (1976)
  B.S., Southwest Missouri State University, 1972
  M.B.A., Southwest Missouri State University, 1976
  CPA, 1978, CMA, 1984; CIA, 1988

Bell, James, Associate Professor of English (1999)
  Director of Institutional Assessment
  B.S., Lamar University, 1986
  M.A., Texas Womans University, 1993
  Ph.D., Texas Tech University, 2000

Blake, Tyler, Professor of English (2003)
  B.S., Mid America Nazarene, 1988
  M.S., University of Missouri, 1991
  Ph.D., University of Missouri-Kansas City, 1998

Bolger, Eric W., Associate Professor of Philosophy-Religion (1992)
  and Chairman Humanities Division
  B.A., University of California, 1982
  M.Div., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 1989
  Ph. D., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 1993
  D.W.S., Institute for Worship Studies, 2002

Buchan, James L., Assistant Professor of Computer Science (2000)
  B.B.A., Wichita State University, 1979
  M.S.C.I.S., Southwest Missouri State University, 2002

Burchett, Jayme S., Professor of Art (1973)
  B.S., Southwest Missouri State University, 1965
  M.A., Texas Woman’s University, 1976
  M.F.A., North Texas State University, 1979

Cummings, Richard W., Assistant Professor of Art (2001)
  B.A., Milligan College, 1996
  M.A.F.A., University of  Leeds, 1999

Dalton, C. David, The Elizabeth Hoyt Clark Chair of Humanities
  and Professor of History (1988)
  B.A., Western Kentucky University, 1980
  M.A., Western Kentucky University, 1982
  Ph.D., University of Kentucky, 1991

Davidson, Mayburn, Dean of Work Program* (1973)
  and Assistant Professor of Education
  B.S.,  Southeast Missouri State University,  1964
  M.S.E.,  University of Arkansas,  1969
  Ed.D.,  University of Arkansas,  1974

Davis, Angie E., Assistant Professor of Business (2001)
  B.S.,  College of the Ozarks,  1994
  M.B.A.,  University of Arkansas,  1995

Davis, Jerry C., President (1988)* and Professor of Biology
  B.S.,  Mars Hill College,  1965
  M.S.,  University of Tennessee,  1967
  Ph.D.,  Ohio State University,  1970

Dixon, Albert T., Professor of Mathematics (1987)
  B.A.,  University of Missouri, Columbia,  1979
  M.S.,  University of Missouri, Columbia,  1981
  Ph.D.,  University of Missouri, Columbia,  1987

Easdon, Jerry, The Nettie Marie Jones Chair of Chemistry
  and Professor of Chemistry (1986)
  B.S.,  Bethany Nazarene College,  1979
  M.S.,  San Diego State University,  1981
  Ph.D.,  University of Iowa,  1987

Forman, Frances L., Registrar and Director of Institutional Research (2000)*
  B.A.,  Pennsylvania State University,  1971
  J.D.,  University of Denver,  1976

Frazier, Danita, Assistant Professor of Education (2003)
  B.S.,  Southwest Missouri State University,  1986
  M.S.,  Southwest Missouri State University,  1995
  Sp.Ed.,  Southwest Missouri State University,  2001

Fugitt, Jamie K., Associate Professor of Mathematics (1992)
  and Chairman Mathematical and Natural Sciences Division
  B.S.,  The School of the Ozarks,  1983
  M.S.,  University of Missouri, Kansas City,  1989

Furman, Courtney A., The M. Graham Clark Chair of Christian Nurture
  and Professor of Philosophy-Religion, (1979)
  B.A.,  Hamilton College,  1953
  M.Div.,  Trinity Evangelical Divinity School,  1960
  Th.M.,  Princeton Theological Seminary,  1963
  D.Min.,  Covenant Theological Seminary,  1988

Garey, Duane G., Associate Professor of Criminal Justice (1994)
  A.A.,  Fresno City College,  1975
  B.A.,  University of San Francisco,  1977
  M.P.A.,  University of San Francisco,  1984

Garrison, Kenneth E., Assistant Professor of Chemistry (2001)
  B.A., Drury University, 1996
  Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia, 2000
  National Cancer Institute Post Doctoral Fellowship, University of Kansas, 2001

Geisler, Teresa A., The Mueller Endowed Chair of Clothing
  and Associate Professor of Family & Consumer Sciences (1980)
  B.S., Texas Wesleyan College, 1973
  M.Ed., Texas Christian University, 1978

Gerlach, Bruce A., Associate Professor of Music (1993)
  and Chairman Performing and Professional Arts Division
  B.S., The King’s College, 1978
  M.M., West Chester University, 1985
  D.M.A., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1992

Graham, Mary Elyse, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages (1977)
  B.A., Wisconsin State University at River Falls, 1967
  M.A., University of Iowa, 1972
  Ed.S., University of Iowa, 1972

Graves, Marilyn, Professor of Health and Physical Education, (1970)
  and Dean of the College
  B.S., Arkansas Tech. University, 1962
  M.Ed., University of Arkansas, 1970
  Ed.D., University of Arkansas, 1980

Haile, Craig L., Associate Professor of Mathematics (1997)
  B.S., Southwest Baptist University, 1992
  M.S., University of Missouri, 1994
  Ph.D., University of Missouri, 1997

Haile, Sheryl L., Assistant Professor of Psychology (2001)
  B.A., Eastern Illinois University, 1991
  M.Ed., University of Missouri-Columbia, 1994

Hardin II, Garry (Joe) Assistant Professor of Music (2000)
  B.M. Dallas Baptist University, 1988
  M.M. Appalachian University,1990
  M.M. University of Cincinnati, 1997
  D.M.A. University of Cincinnati, 2000

Head, Hayden, Associate Professor of English (1999)
  B.S., Central Missouri State University, 1981
  M.A., University of Dallas, 1994
  Ph.D., University of Dallas, 1998

Herchenroeder, Colonel Gary, Associate Professor of Military Science (1996)
  and Director of College Based ROTC
  B.S., Missouri State University, 1985
  M.A., Webster University, 2001
  M.S.S., US Army War College, 2004

Hiebsch, Gary, Associate Professor of Speech Communication (1995)
  and Chairman Human and Social Sciences Division
  B.A.,  William Jewell College,  1987
  M.A.,  Central Missouri State University,  1989
  Ph.D.,  Indiana University,  1995

Hoeck, Donald E., Associate Professor of Physical Education
  and Volleyball Coach (1998)
  B.S.,  Warner Pacific College,  1981
  M.S.,  George Williams College,  1985
  Ph.D.,  Oregon State University,  2005

Holmes, Judy, Associate Professor of Library Science and Library Director (2005)
  B.S.,  Southeast Missouri State University,  1974
  M.A.,  University of Missouri-Columbia,  1988
  M.A., Southeast Missouri State University,  2000

Hooser, Colvin P. Assistant Professor of Mass Communication (2001)
  B.A.,  University of Arkansas,  1991
  M.M.,  University of Arkansas,  1993

Howell, Michael W., Professor of History (1984)
  B.A.,  Vanderbilt University,  1967
  M.A.,  University of North Carolina,  1973
  Ph.D.,  University of North Carolina,  1982

Hubbard, Mark A., Associate Professor of Agriculture (1994)
  B.S., North Carolina State University,  1985
  M.S.,  Clemson University,  1991
  Ph.D., Michigan State University,  1995

Huddleston, Barbara, Associate Professor of Mass Communications (1988)
  B.A.,  Rockhurst College,  1971
  M.A., Southwest Missouri State University,  1986
  Ed.D.,  University of Arkansas,  1998

Huddleston, Beth, Assistant Professor of Family and Consumer Science (2002)
  B.S.,  University of Missouri,  1978
  M.S.,  Southwest Baptist University,  2001

Huff, Dwayne, Assistant Professor of Music (2005)
  B.A.,  Wichita State University,  1996
  M.M.,  Wichita State University,  2003

Hughes, Charles F., Business Manager (1989)*
  and Assistant Professor of Business
  B.S.,  University of Tennessee,  1974
  M.S.,  University of Tennessee,  1975

Isitt, Larry Richard, Associate Professor of English (1997)
  B.A.,  Eastern Washington University,  1968
  B.A.,  Eastern Washington University,  1975
  M.A.,  Eastern Washington University,  1985
  Ph.D.,  University of Southern Mississippi,  1996

Jesse, Lynda Kay, Associate Professor of Music (1979)
  B.A., The School of the Ozarks, 1975
  M.M., Northeast Louisiana University, 1977

Johnson, Roy D., The D. Howard Doane Chair of Agriculture
  and Professor of Agriculture (1972)
  B.S., Southwest Missouri State University, 1966
  M.S., University of Missouri, Columbia, 1970
  Ph.D., University of Missouri, Columbia, 1972

Johnston, Jeffery C., Professor of Art (1981)
  B.F.A., University of Cincinnati, 1975
  M.F.A., Portland State University, 1979

Jones, Michael O., Associate Professor of Psychology (1994)
  B.A., McKendree College, 1968
  M.Div., Bangor Theological Seminary, 1972
  M.S., Southern Illinois University, 1973
  D.Min., San Francisco Theological Seminary, 1983
  Ph.D., United States International University, 1994

Keeter, Howell, Vice President* and Professor of Education (1970)
  B.S., University of Central Arkansas, 1959
  M.S., University of Arkansas, 1961
  Ed.D., University of Arkansas, 1967

Keeter, William, Associate Professor of Physical Education, (1996)
  and Chairman Education and Health Division
  B.S., The School of the Ozarks, 1978
  M.E., University of Arkansas, 1980

Keith, Herbert Ross, Associate Professor of Agriculture (1970)
  B.S.A., University of Arkansas, 1967
  M.S., University of Arkansas, 1970

Keller, Debra, Assistant Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences
  and Assistant Director of Child Development (1993)
  B.S.E., Pittsburg State University, 1974
  M.S.E., Pittsburg State University, 1991

Kervin, Roberta, Associate Professor of Biology (2005)
  B.S., University of South Dakota, 1973
  M.A., Northern State University, 1988
  Ph.D., South Dakota State University, 1998

Kneeshaw, Stephen John, Professor of History (1972)
  B.A., University of Puget Sound, 1968
  M.A., University of Colorado, 1969
  Ph.D., University of Colorado, 1971

Lambeth, Lincoln Clarke, Associate Professor of Spanish (1999)
  B.A., Indiana University, 1985
  M.A., Indiana University, 1989
  Ph.D., University of Florida, 2000

Leftridge, Kay, Associate Professor of Education (1991)
  B.S., Southwest Missouri State University, 1969
  M.E., Drury College, 1976
  Sp.Ed. Southwest Missouri State, 2000

Lemons, Dr. Annette B., Associate Professor of Foreign Languages (Spanish) (2002)
  B.A., Ouachita Baptist University, 1966
  M.A., Henderson University, 1975
  Ed.D., University of Arkansas, 1996

Mahlman, Marcia, Assistant Professor of Education (2005)
  B.S., Northwestern Oklahoma State University, 1979
  M.S., Northwestern Oklahoma State University, 1988

Mahlman, Rex R., The James L. “Bud” Walton Chair of Retailing
  and Professor of Business/Accounting (2002)
  A.A., Fairbury Junior College, 1967
  B.S., Dana College, 1969
  B.S.E., Chadron State College, 1974
  M.S., Chadron State College, 1976
  Ed.D., Oklahoma State College, 1983

McMahon, Dana, Professor of Education (1992) and Director of Teacher Education
  B.S., Murray State University, 1968
  M.S.E., Arkansas State University, 1973
  Ed.D., University of Arkansas, 1995

McMahon, Donald P., Professor of Psychology (1975-83, 1991)
  B.S., Murray State University, 1968
  M.S.E., Arkansas State University, 1973
  Ed.D., University of Arkansas, 1977
  M.S., United States Army War College, 2002

McNeill, Stacy A., Assistant Professor of Speech Communication (2002)
  B.A., College of the Ozarks, 1994
  M.A., University of Arkansas, 1995

Miller, Stephen A., The Henry Robert Herold Chair of Biological Science
  and Professor of Biology (1978)
  B.S., Manchester College, 1972
  M.S., Western Michigan University, 1974
  Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1978

Moody, Autumn E., Assistant Professor of Business/Management (2002)
  B.A., Hendrix College, 1993
  M.B.A., Drury College, 1995

Niboh, Martin, Assistant Professor of Physics and Mathematics (1999)
  B.S., University of Yaounde, 1987
  M.A., State University, 1994
  Ph.D., Kent State University, 1997

Oetting, Bryan C., Assistant Professor of Agriculture (2000)
  B.S.,  University of Arkansas,  1986
  M.S.,  University of Arkansas,  1988
  Ph.D.,  New Mexico State University,  1992

Petty, Steven, Associate Professor of Business (1998)
  B.S.,  Missouri Western State College,  1986
  M.A.,  Central Missouri State University,  1988
  Ph.D.,  Oklahoma State University,  2001

Rapinchuk, Mark E., Associate Professor of Philosophy/Religion (1997)
  B.A.,  Bethel College,  1980
  M.Div.,  Bethel Theological Seminary,  1992
  Ph.D.,  Trinity Evangelical Divinity School,  1996

Rettig, Jeff H., The Joe T. McKibben Chair of Biological Science
  and Professor of Biology (1991)
  B.S.,  Arkansas State University,  1977
  M.S.,  Arkansas State University,  1979
  Ph.D.,  University of Georgia, Athens,  1988

Riley, Kevin, The Ralph T. Reeve Chair of Free Enterprise
  and Associate Professor of Business (1993)
  B.S.,  John Brown University,  1979
  M.B.A.,  University of Arkansas,  1981

Ringer, David K., Assistant Professor of Humanities (2005)

  B.A.,  McNeese State College,  1965
  M.A., McNeese State College,  1968
  M.A.,  University of Chicago,  1998

Russell, Donn, Associate Professor of Agriculture (2000)
  B.S.,  Iowa State University,  1975
  M.S.,  Iowa State University,  1984
  Ph.D.,  Iowa State University,  1999

Schmidt, Linda, Associate Professor of Library Science (1996)
  and Public Services Librarian
  B.A.,  The School of the Ozarks,  1984
  M.A.,  University of Missouri Columbia,  1996

Schreffler, Major James P., Instructor of Military Science (2003)
  B.A.,  Benedictine College,  1991
  Officer Training, U.S. Army Chemical School,  1992
  Pilot Certification, U.S. Army Flight School,  1995

Shackette, Jerry, The Walter L. Green Chair of Hotel and Restaurant Management
  and Associate Professor of Hotel/Restaurant Management (1997)
  B.A.,  Eastern Washington University,  1972
  Certification: Professional Technical Education Hotel/Hospitality,  1995
  M.Ed.,  Western Washington University,  1998

Shepherd, Steve S., Assistant Professor of Physical Education (2002)
  and Men’s Basketball Coach
  B.S.,  Northwest Missouri State University,  1986
  M.A.,  Evangel College,  2000

Simmons, Gwen, Associate Professor of Library Science (1991)
  and Library Media Specialist
  B.A.,  The School of the Ozarks,  1989
  M.A.,  University of Missouri–Columbia,  1990

Smith, Thomas R., Associate Professor of Agriculture (1977)
  B.S.,  University of Arkansas,  1970
  M.S.,  University of Arkansas,  1976

Staugaard, Andrew C., Associate Professor of Computer Sciences (1985)
  B.S.,  Central Missouri State University,  1969
  M.S.,  University of Missouri at Kansas City,  1974

Swearengen, Daniel Joseph, Associate Professor of Agriculture (1977)
  and Chairman, Technical and Applied Sciences Division
  A.A.,  Highland Community College,  1975
  B.S.,  Illinois State University,  1976
  M.S.,  University of Wisconsin, Platteville,  1977

Turbak, Gary, Assistant Professor of Physical Education
  and Athletic Trainer (2005)
  B.S.,  Missouri Western State College,  1983
  M.S.,  Drake University,  1985

Vincent, Damon I., Professor of Technology (1972)
  B.S.,  Clemson University,  1963
  M.A.,  Western Kentucky University,  1971
  Ph.D.,  University of Missouri, Columbia,  1988

Waller, Allan J., Assistant Professor of Physical Education (1977)
  and Athletics Director
  B.S.,  St. Mary of the Plains College,  1970
  M.S.,  University of Missouri, Kansas City,  1975

Weisman, Michelle, Assistant Professor of English (2002)
  B.S.,  University of Missouri,  1989
  M.A.,  University of Houston,  1995

Weisman, Schan K., Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice (2002)
  B.A.,  The School of the Ozarks,  1986
  M.S.,  Central Missouri State University,  1998

Williams, Janice, The Don and Marie Garner Director of Nursing (2005)
  A.S.N.,  Union University,  1985
  B.S.N.,  Union University,  1987
  M.S.N.,  University of Tennessee at Memphis,  1988
  N.D.  (Doctor of Nursing), Case Western Reserve University,  1998

Williams, Michael L., Assistant Professor of Graphic Arts (1997)
  B.A.,  The School of the Ozarks,  1981
  M.S.E.,  University of Central Arkansas,  1996

Wilson, George L., Associate Professor of Physical Education (1997)
  and Women’s Basketball Coach
  A.A.,  Southwest Baptist Junior College,  1961
  B.A.,  Drury College,  1963
  M.S.,  Pittsburg State University,  1968

Wyly, Ronald D., Associate Professor of Library Science and Reference Librarian (1990)
  B.S.E.,  Northeast Missouri State University,  1979
  M.A.,  Northeast Missouri State University,  1985
  M.L.S.,  Syracuse University,  1989

Young, Karl F., Professor of Sociology (1997)
  B.A.,  University of Tulsa,  1961
  M.A.,  University of Tulsa,  1966
  M.Div.,  Dubuque Theological Seminary,  1980
  Ph.D.,  University of Missouri,  1976

Young, Lisa, Assistant Professor of Theatre (2001)
  B.P.A.,  Oklahoma City University,  1990
  M.A., Southwest Missouri State University,  2000

Young, Mark, Professor of Theatre (1983)
  B.F.A.,  University of Evansville,  1977
  M.F.A.,  University of Georgia,  1980


2005 - 2006 College of the Ozarks Catalog