2005 - 2006 College of the Ozarks Catalog



The College has adopted and implemented a program to prevent the illegal use of drugs and the abuse of alcohol by students and employees. There are provisions in the student handbook and employee and faculty handbooks which indicate the Collegeís stand on drugs and alcohol. Possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs may be cause for dismissal or termination from the College.

Missouriís ďAbuse and LoseĒ Law

In 1987, ďAbuse and LoseĒ became a law in Missouri. The following are major provisions of ďAbuse and LoseĒ:

  1. Persons under age 21 shall have their driverís licenses revoked for one year if found guilty of any of the following:

    • Any alcohol-related traffic offenses (such as driving while intoxicat-ed or driving with excessive blood-alcohol content;
    • Possession or use of a controlled substance (illegal drug);
    • Alteration, modification, or misrepresentation of a driverís license;
    • A second-offense possession or use of alcohol by a person under age 18.
  2. Persons over age 21 shall have their driverís license revoked for one year if they are found guilty of any state, county, or municipal law involving possession or use of controlled substance while operating a motor vehicle.
  3. Persons must attend an alcohol or drug-related education program (ADEP) prior to reinstatement of their driverís license.
  4. Refusal to submit to a police officerís request for a chemical test (such as a breath test) to determine intoxication is admissible as evidence in court proceedings involving an alcohol-related traffic offense. Such refusal may also result in license revocation for one year.

Health Risks with Drugs and Alcohol

Illegal drugs and alcohol most definitely play a part in health problems. These problems include, but are not limited to a loss of consequential understanding. This promotes poor application to academics as shown by poor study habits, lack of concentration, and loss of self esteem.

Illegal drugs and alcohol use also can result in serious health problems such as some types of cancer, liver damage, heart problems, ulcers, and brain damage.


2005 - 2006 College of the Ozarks Catalog