General Education Requirements
2005 - 2006 College of the Ozarks Catalog

General Education Requirements: 55-56 credit hours  
Core requirements: 30 hours  
ENG 103 College Composition I (freshman course) WI 3
ENG 303 College Composition II (junior/senior course) WI  
   or ENG 303WC Reformation/Modern Ideals of Character (junior/senior course) WI 3
REL 103 Biblical Survey (freshman course)  
   or REL 103CC Biblical Ideals of Character 3
REL 343 Biblical Theology and Ethics (junior/senior course) 3
PED/MIL 101 Citizenship and Lifetime Wellness I (freshman course) 1
PED/MIL 111 Citizenship and Lifetime Wellness II (freshman course) 1
PED Activities course elective* 1
*PED 121 Swimming is required if the swimming section of PED/MIL 101 is not satisfactorily completed. One of the following courses will satisfy the General Education Activities requirement:
PED 121, 131, 141, 151, 161, 171, 191, 211, 231 and 241.
SPC 103 Public Speaking 3
HST 103 The American Experience 3
IDS 133 Exploration of the Arts (see Special Programs) 3
IDS 153 The Changing Universe of Science (see Special Programs) 3
IDS 313 General Education Capstone (see Special Programs– junior/senior course)  
   or IDS 313CC American Ideals of Character 3

G.E. requirements with options: 25-26 hours
   ENA 123 Topics in American Literature  
   ENW 133 Topics in Western World Literature  
   ENW 133CC Classical Ideals of Character  
World History  
   HST 153 Western Civilization to 1660  
   HST 163 Western Civilization since 1660  
Philosophy/Fine Arts Activities  
   PHI 203 Introduction to Philosophical Thought  
   PHI 223CC Medieval/Renaissance Ideals of Character  
   ART 113 Two-Dimensional Design  
   ART 123 Drawing I  
   DRM 113 Introduction to Theatre Technology  
   DRM 163 Vocal Training for the Stage  
   DRM 173 Movement Training for the Stage  
   DRM 193 Music Theatre Dance I  
   Music Ensembles/Class Piano; Class Voice; Class Guitar (3 one credit-hour courses)
   (Music Ensembles will not satisfy the G.E. requirement for education majors)
Social Science  
   ECN 103 The American Economy  
   ECN 203 Principles of Economics I  
   POL 103 American National Government  
   POL 113 American State and Local Government  
   PSY 103 Introduction to Psychology  
   SOC 103 Introduction to Sociology  
Laboratory Science (required of all students)  
   Biology, Chemistry or Physics 4
Mathematics (required of all students)  
   any mathematics course in the catalog except MAT 013 3-4
Foreign Language (required of all students) 3
   French, German, Spanish, Greek or Hebrew  
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree candidates are required to take an additional course for a total of 6 credit hours in one language.  
The language selected must be a language foreign to the student 3
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree candidates are required to take an additional lab science, mathematics or computer science course (except CSC 113) 3-4

The General Education (G.E.) curriculum is purposefully complemented by an emphasis on the development of vital competencies. The ability to write is reinforced through the requirement of two “writing intensive” WI courses. Critical thinking is developed through the explicit discussion and use of critical thinking skills across the curriculum. The G.E. Capstone Course encourages the exploration of connections among various disciplines of study. Prerequisites for admission to a capstone course include: 1) completion of a minimum of 60 hours, with 40 of the 60 in General Education; 2) ENG 303 must be taken prior to or concurrent with the capstone course. The G.E. program is designed to teach not only subject matter, but the skills necessary to succeed in one’s area of expertise (e.g., one’s major area of study) and to become a lifelong learner. See academic assessment.

2005 - 2006 College of the Ozarks Catalog