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Major: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Required theory courses: 13 hours

NSG 253 The Character of Professional Nursing 3
NSG 304 Pathophysiology 4
NSG 433 Health Care Research for Evidence-Based Practice 3
NSG 473 Synthesis of NCLEX Assessment 3

Required lab/clinical courses: 45 hours
NSG 334 Holistic Assessment  4
NSG 348 Foundations of Adult Care 8
NSG 363 Medication & Complementary Therapies 3
NSG 384 Psych-Mental Health 4
NSG 388 Advanced Care of the Adult 8
NSG 416 Maternal-Child Nursing 6
NSG 403 Population-Based Health Care 3
NSG 479 Preceptorship: Intelligent Leadership & Management 9

Required nursing collateral (support) courses: 22 hours
BSN Program Orientation Competency (due with program application) 0
*CHE 134 General, Organic, & Biochemistry I 4
*CHE 144 General, Organic, & Biochemistry II 4
*BIO 174 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
BIO 214 Medical Microbiology 4
GE Information management/technology proficiency 0
MAT 143 Statistics 3
PSY 253 Developmental Psychology 3
*MAT 013 Intermediate Algebra is a prerequisite to CHE134. ACT Math sub-score must be 22  or higher to enroll in CHE134 and MAT143.  

Courses required for General Education, specified by the major, in addition to the above requirements:  45 hours
*BIO 164 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
HST 153 and HST163 Western Civilization I and II 6
*PSY 103 Introduction to Psychology 3
ENG163 Readings in the Western Tradition  3
*ENG 103, ENG 253 and SPC 103 9
  (College Composition I, American Rhetoric, and Public Speaking)  
BTS 103 and BTS 4003 6
  (Christian Worldview I and Christian Worldview II)  
PED 101 Lifetime Wellness and PED Activities elective (PED 121 Swimming Competency) 2
IDS 103 Patriotic Education 3
  (Exploration of Art/Drama/Music)  
HST 253 American Experience  3
DRM173 Movement Training for the Stage (Fine Arts elective) 3

* indicates required prerequisite courses for BSN admission consideration

NSG 201 Trends in Healthcare 1
NSG 48V Nurses on Mission (internship) 1-12

NOTE: The minimum TOTAL credit hours required for a Nursing major is 129 hours. A student with a BSN major must average 17 hours per semester to graduate in four years. Students desiring to enter the nursing major must make application to the program by March 1. Applications are distributed from the nursing department office. Notification of acceptance will be made by June 1.


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