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Biblical and Theological Studies

Whether students are seeking to serve in Christian camps, urban ministries, local churches, foreign countries, or go on to graduate school, the Biblical and Theological Studies (BTS) department at College of the Ozarks seeks to prepare majors and minors for a faith-filled future in life and ministry. Rooted in a deep understanding the Bible, the BTS department champions the Christian Goal of the college, “To foster the Christian faith through the integration of faith with learning, living, and service” by encouraging students to grow in their knowledge of Scripture and recognize the Lordship of Jesus in every area of life.

The department offers a major in Biblical and Theological Studies with emphases in Biblical Studies, Christian Ministry, or Christian Apologetics. Some students may desire a major outside of the BTS department but know that they want to be involved with the church and Christian ministry for the rest of their lives. For these students, the department offers three minors under the same titles as the emphases above, which provide an important orientation to faithful service in the church at any level.

Students in the BTS department have the opportunity to take courses that focus on Scripture interpretation, Old and New Testament, Greek and Hebrew, church history, Christian spirituality, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, the life of Jesus, the motivation of Christian missions, and many others. Courses are taught by an experienced and pastoral faculty trained in some the nation’s leading theological institutions. With years of teaching and local church experience, the faculty enjoys helping students discern God’s calling upon their lives, and how their God-given skills and passions play out in the Lord’s glorious plan of redeeming the world!

Major and Minors in Biblical and Theological Studies

The department offers programs for those interested in either a major or one of three minors in Biblical and Theological Studies. The major program requires 36 hours of coursework. Students may also choose to minor in Biblical and Theological Studies, Christian Ministry, Christian Apologetics, or Christian Mission. The specific requirements for the major and minors can be found in the College Catalog.

While there is a significant amount of flexibility in the courses one can take to fulfill the requirements of our major, students are strongly encouraged to take the following courses in their freshman or sophomore years:

PHI 203  Introduction to Philosophical Thought
BTS 253  New Testament (spring semester)
BTS 273  Old Testament (fall semester)


Dr. Daniel K. Chinn
chinn@cofo.edu - 417-690-3444
Dr. William R. (Rusty) Osborne
wrosborne@cofo.edu - 417-690-2281
Dr. Mark Rapinchuk
rapinchuk@cofo.edu - 417-690-2468
Dr. James Todd
jtodd@cofo.edu - 417-690-3269


Pastoral Ministry
Youth and Collegiate Ministry
Christian Camp Ministry
Inner-city Ministry
Cross-cultural Missions
Teacher/Professor in a Christian School

Or any worthy vocation to which God calls

Student Groups

Sola Deo Gloria – An apologetics club devoted to equipping and helping students defend the Christian faith.

Missions Club – A student club devoted to helping students grow in their understanding and participation in Christian missions.


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