Tudor Cret

Tudor Cret
Tudor Cret - Orphan. Dreamer. Achiever.
Class of 2015, College of the Ozarks.

Tudor Cret appears to be a typical college student – he loves fellowship with his peers, works hard, and plays hard. But Tudor is anything but typical.

Growing up in the Republic of Moldova, Tudor had a large family – four siblings. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Tudor’s family faced a financial crisis, and his mother became very ill.

“My mother was sick so she was always at the hospital. My dad wasn’t able to find a good job. He found one that could just cover a small part of the expenses. I remember many times doing my homework in the dark … because my dad didn’t have enough money to pay for the electricity bill.”

Tudor’s family situation grew more dismal by the day, and his father made the hard decision to take Tudor and his two younger siblings to an orphanage to live.

Growing up in orphanages wasn’t easy – but, one day, Tudor caught a break. He was offered the chance to spend time at an outreach camp in Branson, Missouri. While there he was introduced to C of O. “I truly fell in love with College of the Ozarks as a little boy, and being a student at this college became my dream.”

Tudor studied hard in high school and focused his eye on the lofty goal – a goal he would achieve.

“I applied at College of the Ozarks and was accepted… and with joy in my heart and unmeasurable excitement I came to fulfill my dream and study at College of the Ozarks.”

Tudor approaches both his education and work with fervor – and most of all gratitude.

“College of the Ozarks has blessed me with the unique opportunity to grow closer to God, earn a debt-free degree, develop a good work ethic and prosper in my relationship with others.”

As for Tudor’s future? As an Accounting major, he’ll obtain his CPA license and pursue a career in the field; however, Tudor desires to also travel back to his country.

He is trusting his life to the Lord and aiming high.

“My dream in life is to build an orphanage in Moldova that will be a safe home for the children that are currently suffering and dying on the streets. I have learned to dream big.”

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