Jon Wahl

John WahlIn 2013, Jon Wahl graduated from College of the Ozarks and knew he wanted to use his talent and skills to share truth with the world. Today, Jon is a full-time reporter and photographer for the ABC News affiliate in Springfield, Missouri.

Jon is daily faced with strict deadlines and stressful situations—an environment he handles with confidence and character. In fact, Jon says this is precisely the most valuable lesson he gleaned from his time at Hard Work U.

“I had big dreams before I started at C of O, but I also had doubts that I didn’t have what it takes to follow those dreams…When my teachers pointed out I might have a future as a reporter, I had many doubts…My professors believed in me and gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my dreams.”

And Jon is thankful C of O gave him the opportunity to chase those dreams.

“I was blessed with a great family life, but my parents didn’t have the financial ability to help me go to college. I really wanted to go to a solid Christian college but wasn’t sure what I’d be able to afford.”

College of the Ozarks offered Jon the chance to work for his education.

“Graduating without debt was really important to me. I didn’t want to spend the first 10 years of my working-life trying to pay off student debt. Thankfully I graduated without any debt, which was and is an incredible blessing.”

Now Jon is doing what he loves.

“I have a passion for people and for storytelling. I’ve always wanted to use those talents to help others. Now I get to be a watchdog for my community, bring important safety information to people, and tell stories about people overcoming great obstacles.”

As a double major in Video Production and Journalism, Jon is able to spend his days shooting, writing, editing, and presenting stories on the news. But amidst all the chaos of the news industry, Jon has kept his eye on his most important audience.

“I just keep praying that God will allow me to be a journalist that seeks after truth and works his very hardest to bring God glory each and every day.” 

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