Sam Porter

Sam Porter
Sam Porter - Doctor. Missionary. World-changer.
2010 Graduate of College of the Ozarks.

In 2010, Sam Porter graduated from College of the Ozarks and knew he wanted to make a difference. Today, he’s doing just that. In his final year of medical school at the Mayo Clinic, Sam is serving others through mission work – and soon the medical field.

Sam’s tenacity, hard work and dedication – skills that were fostered at College of the Ozarks - have enabled him to thrive in medical school.

“I’m grateful for the work ethic that C of O gave me. Medical school requires a lot of hours of focus, even when you don’t feel like it… C of O taught me to balance school, work and social activities, so that the transition to medical school was not difficult.”

Although medical school is challenging, Sam said C of O laid a strong foundation in physics, biology and chemistry – a foundation that equipped him for the various hurdles such an education presents. Sam also credits his success to the low faculty-to-student ratio.

“I was able to interact with my professors one-on-one to clarify concepts and better understand the material.”

Sam’s success at C of O means he was able to graduate debt-free – something he knows is rare and a significant blessing.

“Finally, I have to mention the incredible blessing of graduating debt-free. You would not believe the amount of debt my medical school classmates arrived with. Because neither my wife (also a C of O graduate) nor I have undergraduate debt, I will be graduating medical school with student loan debt that is less than half the national average for medical school.”

Sam’s college experience was rich – full of academic rigor and adventure – and helped propel him into success. And into a life of service.

Through mission trips, Sam has visited hundreds of patients. He recently completed three months of medical research in Cambodia where he focused on better understanding the connection between vitamin deficiency and heart problems.

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