Devon Bowen

Devon Bowen
Devon Bowen - Teacher. Overcomer. Inspiration.
2013 Graduate of College of the Ozarks.

In 2013, Devon Bowen graduated from College of the Ozarks – a dream fulfilled for a little Ozarkian girl with a big heart. In her first year of teaching second graders, Devon is educating America’s youth and loving it every step of the way.

Devon’s humble upbringing fostered in her a willing spirit – a can-do attitude that aligned with the hard work required to make it at College of the Ozarks.

“I lived with my mother and four siblings in Missouri. My family lived in a trailer in the woods without electricity or running water until I was 12. I was poor - but I learned so many life skills.….I think I am better for it.”

While Devon’s upbringing was modest, she led a happy childhood.

“I loved reading, climbing the abundance of trees that seem to fill the Ozarks, and playing with my siblings.”

Devon’s transition into C of O was a joyful one – an opportunity to work, rather than pay, for her education.

“C of O blessed my life in every way - the people who taught, encouraged, and loved me are the one thing I will never forget. I was able to receive an education whereas I may not have been able to before. My teachers, my supervisors - everyone I came in contact with blessed me in a different way, from one supervisor giving my sister and me money for food, to a teacher arranging to have all of my dental work and clothing needs taken care of.”

Devon realized Hard Work U would make her dreams come true.

“Before I went to college, I never dreamed of being a teacher. But the program and the people welcomed me with open arms. I loved my observation and participation classes, and those opportunities allowed me to see exactly how much I loved the idea of teaching.”

Devon’s journey reflects the mission of the College – and now, she is paying it forward.

“I plan to stay here in the Ozarks, teaching. I love this school and these children.”

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