Chapel Painting

Chapel Print Limited edition, unframed, numbered and signed prints of the Williams Memorial Chapel painting are available through the Alumni Office.

Several years ago, the Alumni Association commissioned noted Missouri artist, Charles Summey, to create an oil painting of the Williams Memorial Chapel. Mr. Summey is recognized as a leading western and landscape artist, and is well known for his paintings of mountain scenes, wildlife, trains, and early Americana. His original oils can be found in corporate and private collections throughout the United States.

Describing his work as a "labor of love," Mr. Summey's beautiful illustration of the chapel is set in a winter evening scene with the moon in the background and stained glass windows aglow. Limited-edition prints are available for $100. The artist hand numbered and signed each unframed print. He also provided a limited number with an extra marking that makes them unique from other prints.These are available for an additional $20.

The unframed, limited-edition prints are available through the the Alumni Office. Image size is approximately 16" X 24". To request your print, please complete the online form or call the Alumni Office at 417-690-2208. All proceeds go toward the Alumni Center’s Endowed Maintenance Fund.

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