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No Tuition

How does "No Tuition" work?

Work Program + Federal and State Grants + College of the Ozarks Scholarship = your annual Cost of Education!

Cost of Education

The Cost of Education is the cost to the College for providing an educational opportunity for each student.

Most institutions pass along a portion of this cost as tuition; this is not the case at College of the Ozarks.

College of the Ozarks Cost of Education Scholarship

Each student participates in the on-campus work program for 15 hours per week and two forty-hour work weeks per year.

Credits from participation in the work program, any federal and/or state aid for which students qualify, and the C of O Cost of Education Scholarship combine to cover the Cost of Education.

There are no student loans involved and there is no cash due from students for Cost of Education : Only good, solid, hard work.

Unique in Higher Education

Friends of the College believe in and support what our unique institution stands for: Hard work, Christian values, freedom from debt, and higher education in a Christian setting.

Their contributions enable the College to provide Cost of Education scholarships.

When you accept an offer of admission to College of the Ozarks, you make a commitment to uphold the standards of an institution that is different from the norm.

C of O is not a school where drinking and partying is acceptable, nor is it a place where unwholesome attire is the standard.

It is a place where we believe you will learn and grow as a Christian, and as a future professional member of the work force. While many have chosen to lower standards, at C of O we have chosen to adhere to high personal standards; standards that we believe equip students to become successful contributors to society.

The C of O Cost of Education Scholarship is special because it comes from friends who believe in the College, and believe in you.


Cost of Education for students who receive federal and state aid (2017-2018)
  Cost of Education* $18,700
  C of O Work Program -4,312
  Pell Grant (if eligible) -592 to 5,920
  Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (if eligible) -1,000
  Missouri State Grants (if eligible) -1,500
  C of O Cost of Education Scholarship    0 to -14,388
  Cash Cost to Student $0.00
Cost of Education for students who do not receive federal and state aid (2017-2018)
  Cost of Education* $18,700
  C of O Work Program -4,312
  C of O Cost of Education Scholarship   -14,388
  Cash Cost to Student $0.00

*Does not include room and board, books or Health/Technology/Services fees.

Part-time students pay a fee of $310 per credit hour.




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