Tuition, Fees and Cost of Education Scholarship

Students don’t pay tuition at C of O!  How does that work?

Basically……Work Program + Federal and State Grants + College of the Ozarks Scholarship = Your annual tuition!

Each student participates in the on-campus work program for 15 hours per week and two forty-hour work weeks. Earnings from participation in the work program, plus any federal and/or state aid for which students qualify, plus a College of the Ozarks Cost of Education Scholarship combine to meet each student’s full tuition charge.

Generous donors, who believe in what College of the Ozarks represents, make financial contributions, enabling the College to provide tuition (cost of education) scholarships in exchange for work on campus. If you paid cash for instructional expenses at C of O, it would cost you the amount shown below, per year! Don’t panic! Our students work off a portion of this charge by participating in the work program during the academic year (about $4,312 annually). If students qualify for Federal or Missouri state aid, those amounts are applied to the cost as well. The remaining balance is covered by a College of the Ozarks Scholarship for each student, as demonstrated below. 

So, how much is the Cost of Education (tuition) at C of O? $0.00

What is the College of the Ozarks Cost of Education Scholarship? This is a term you’ll become familiar with if you attend Hard Work U. The “Cost of Education” is the cost to the College for providing an educational opportunity for each student. Most institutions pass along a portion of this cost as tuition; this is not the case at College of the Ozarks. The College guarantees to meet all of this cost for each full-time student by using earnings from its endowment, operation of its own mandatory student work program, accepting student aid grants, gifts and other sources. Each full-time student's Cost of Education is met 100% by participating in the work program, and a combination of private, institutional and federal/state student aid. The institutional aid provided for each student is the College of the Ozarks Scholarship.

What is so special about a College of the Ozarks Cost of Education Scholarship? Somewhere out there is a donor, actually several, who believe in and support what our unique institution stands for: Hard work, Christian values, freedom from debt, and higher education in a Christian setting. When you accept an offer of admission to College of the Ozarks, you make a commitment to uphold the standards of an institution that is different from the norm. C of O is not a school where drinking and partying is acceptable, nor is it a place where unwholesome attire is the standard. It is a place where we believe you will learn and grow as a Christian, and as a future professional member of the work force. While many folks in this day and age have chosen to lower standards, at C of O we have chosen to adhere to high personal standards; standards that we believe equip students to become successful contributors to society. So, what makes a C of O Scholarship so special? It is special because it comes from donors who believe in the College, and believe in you….people who have so much to offer society.

For 2017-2018 Academic Year

Cost of Education for students who receive federal and state aid (2017-2018)
  Cost of Education (Tuition)* $18,700
  C of O Work Program -4,312
  Pell Grant (if eligible) -592 to 5,920
  Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (if eligible) -1,000
  Missouri State Grants (if eligible) -1,500
  C of O Cost of Education Scholarship    0 to -14,388
  Cash Cost to Student $0.00
Cost of Education for students who do not receive federal and state aid (2017-2018)
  Cost of Education (Tuition)* $18,700
  C of O Work Program -4,312
  C of O Cost of Education Scholarship   -14,388
  Cash Cost to Student $0.00

*Tuition only: does not include room and board, books or Health/Technology/Services fees.

Part-time students pay tuition which is $310 per credit hour.

Room and Board, Other Fees
There are many fees associated with college attendance in addition to tuition. At C of O, students may pay these fees in cash from personal funds, or in some cases utilize personal scholarships. Our financial aid office also provides scholarship information that may assist you with some of these costs.

Acceptance Fee
There is an acceptance fee of $315 due two weeks after admission is offered. This fee covers the Health/Technology/Service fee $215 for the first semester, and the residence hall security deposit ($100).

Room and Board
Room and Board for 2017-18 is $3,550 per semester ($7,100 annually). Some students may be awarded a Summer Work Scholarship to pay for room and board charges. Otherwise, the student is expected to pay for their room and board.  If a payment plan is needed, please contact the Cash Accounts office.

Health/Technology/Service Fee 
This fee is $215 each semester. It covers the cost of the initial ID card, admission to regular season home athletic events, cultural events, campus newspaper and yearbook, student accident insurance, student senate activities, registration services, and some hospital services.  This fee is due each semester when pre-registering for classes for the upcoming semester.  All students receiving college credit hours must pay the fee. Current students pre-register for classes each semester through Campusweb, which can be accessed either on or off campus, after the student has counseled with an advisor. Pre-registration dates vary by the number of cumulative hours a student has earned, plus hours being attempted in the current semester. Pre-registered students will automatically be registered for their pre-registered classes, provided all holds added after the on-line pre-registration period have been removed. Holds added after this period include BU–Business Office (financial), DS–Dean of Students (convo/chapel deficiency, etc.), DC–Dean of College (overload/underload), RE–Registrar’s (grad check), LI–Library (fines/overdue materials), HP–Health Clinic, DW–Dean of Work Education (work hours, etc.), FA–Financial Aid (financial aid). Students who do not have all holds removed or who have not pre-registered by the registration day printed in the academic calendar will be withdrawn from the College. Any pre-registered classes will be dropped. Students who wish to be reinstated may do so by the published deadline through the Cashier’s Office and will be charged a $100 processing fee.

Approximately $500 per semester.

Vehicle Registration
$10 per semester.

Part-time Tuition

Part-time student rate is $310 per credit hour. Part-time enrollment is available, however, in order to graduate from the College, students have to meet a full-time enrollment and work-program requirement. For more information, students should refer to Graduation Requirements section in the College Catalog.



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