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Financial Probation

Financial Responsibilities

The College expects students to meet the financial responsibilities to which they commit, and of which both they and their parents are made aware prior to admission and enrollment.

Students’ major financial responsibility is the room and board charge. Students may follow the current plan which details that 25% of the current semester charge is due in four installments (Fall=August 1, September 4, October 1, and November 1; Spring=January 2, February 1, March 1, and April 1). Payments outside these parameters during the semester are permitted as long as the entire semester’s room and board charges are paid in full by Final Registration.  Other financial obligations include, but are not limited to:

  • The Health, Technology and Service Fee, due each semester at final registration;

  • Miscellaneous (laundry, clinic, or milk charges);

  • Bookstore charges;

  • Drop class fees;

  • Flu Shot and TB test;

  • Keeter Center uniform and nametag;

  • Library fines;

  • Medical bills;

  • Nursing test;

  • Tickets.

Final Registration is the first week of December and the third week of April each semester. The date indicated as Registration Finalized serves as the ultimate deadline by which students must meet all financial obligations. This date is published in the College calendar, available in the College Catalog and on Campusweb.

Students who do not meet the prescribed financial obligations, or obligations to which they commit in a special payment plan through the Business Office, will be placed on financial probation. A financial probation hold will be placed on the student record.

Students on probation may not participate in auditioned theatre roles, student government, intercollegiate athletics, extracurricular college trips, auditioned ensembles, and other programs in which they would be serving the College in a representative role.

Students on financial probation for two consecutive semesters will be suspended from the College.

Students suspended due to financial probation may be considered for readmission only after the student account is paid in full. If any college department or facility (e.g., the Library, Business Office, etc.) has placed a hold on a student record, the student must resolve that hold before a transcript will be released.

Students may appeal financial probationary status or suspension to the Vice President of Vocational Programs/Chief Financial Officer. The appeal must be in writing and set out the basis of the appeal. Letters of appeal must be legible and must be submitted the next school day following notification of the action by the financial probation committee.

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