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The Business Department of College of the Ozarks offers programs in accounting and business administration. The goal of the Business Department is to provide specific vocational training in each of these fields as well as preparation in the five-fold mission areas of the college: academic, vocational, Christian, patriotic, and cultural. With the training received at College of the Ozarks, a business student is very well prepared to enter the world of work.

Opportunities for students to apply the business knowledge they are attaining are available in our two business related clubs: Students In Free Enterprise and the Business Undergraduate Society.

Students desiring to study in the area of business have the following areas from which to choose:

   Business Administration
   General Business Emphasis
   International Business Emphasis
   Economics Emphasis
   Marketing Emphasis
   Management Emphasis

   Business Administration
   Christian Mission


The objectives of the accounting major are to (1) prepare students for placement in the competitive job market by teaching the basic accounting skills necessary to succeed, (2) prepare those students who are interested in and who qualify to pass the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam or other professional exams, and (3) prepare students who wish to further their education in graduate school with a strong foundation. The two faculty members currently teaching accounting courses have combined teaching experience of over 60 years.

Business Administration - General Business Emphasis

The general emphasis in Business Administration will allow students to enroll in a diverse group of courses to fulfill the emphasis requirement of nine upper division hours. There are more than 15 options in the fields of Business Administration, Economics, Marketing, Business Education, and Free Enterprise. This allows students to explore various areas of business and to have the opportunity to select courses they feel will be beneficial to their future careers.

Business Administration - International Business Emphasis

The International Emphasis educates students about the challenges and opportunities that are a part of doing business internationally. The curriculum covers issues relating to culture, economic systems, trading markets, political systems, and much more. The courses are taught from a practical standpoint which helps prepare students for careers in international business.

Business Administration - Economic Emphasis

Economics can succinctly be called "the science of choices." Every day humans make decisions in a myriad of marketplaces, institutional frameworks, and households. Studying economics prepares the student for careers in both the private and the public sector. Whether one goes into sales, international trade/development, manufacturing, retail management, banking/investments, the government, or academics, economic reasoning and the knowledge of how markets operate will serve one well. Economics is also an excellent choice for those wanting to pursue law school or an MBA program.

Business Administration - Marketing Emphasis

For students interested in the field of Marketing, an additional twelve hours in upper-level Marketing courses will complete an emphasis in Marketing to complement the Business Administration major. Students will be exposed to an analysis of environmental factors, target markets, and a comprehensive coverage of product, pricing, promotion, and distribution issues. Specific courses to choose from include Personal Selling, Advertising, Retail Management, and International Marketing. A capstone course, Advanced Marketing, will complete the Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Marketing.

Business Administration - Management Emphasis

The Management Emphasis prepares students for the opportunities and challenges that managers encounter at all levels of an organization.  The students are required to take Business Communications and three additional upper-level management courses.  The options are Retail Management, Human Resources Management, International Management, Business Policy, and Labor Economics.  These options allow the student to explore a variety of perspectives and experiences in management.


Mr. Lindon Newberry
Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Dr. Autumn Moody
Associate Professor of Business/Management

Mr. Steven Flowler
Assistant Professor of Accounting

Mr. Kevin Riley
Associate Professor of Business & Ralph T. Reeve Chair of Free Enterprise

Student Groups

Business students have the opportunity to participate in two organizations. Participation in these organizations gives the student the opportunity to apply knowledge learned in class, to interact with fellow students both professionally and socially, to participate in club activities, and to compete at the regional, national, and international levels.

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) is a global, non-profit organization on more than 1600 university campuses in 40 countries. Membership is SIFE is open to any College of the Ozarks' student. Members will have the opportunity to develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills through learning, practicing, and teaching the principles of free enterprise. SIFE members teach important concepts through educational outreach projects based on market economics, entrepreneurship, personal and financial skills, and business ethics. Each spring C of O's SIFE team competes in a regional competition against other SIFE teams for the opportunity to advance to a national competition.

Business Undergraduate Society

Membership in the Business Undergraduate Society is open to any student with a major or minor in a business program. The organization typically takes one or two trips a year to tour businesses and give students a real life look at what goes on in the business world. Students also have the opportunity to participate in fund raising and service activities.

Department Activities & News

Congratulations to the College of the Ozarks’ SIFE team for becoming a 2011 regional champion at the SIFE regional competition in Chicago, IL!

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Business Administration Department at College of the Ozarks
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