Does the College offer developmental courses?

Students with ACT Math scores of less than 22 are placed into developmental math (MAT 013 Intermediate Algebra), but have the opportunity to test into a non-remedial class by contacting the Math Department.  Students with ACT English scores of less than 25 are placed into developmental English (ENG 013 Composition Skills).  


Where can my student find help with class assignments?

Visit the College's Learning Resources page for information. 

How do students get credit for dual credit taken during high school?

Students must send an official transcript from the college which gave the credit for the course.  The high school transcript is not sufficient.  Students may hand-carry the transcript to the registrar; however, it must be in the properly sealed envelope and state clearly that it is not a student copy. Sometimes the Registrar’s office will not have received information regarding dual enrollment or other transfer courses before the schedule is made.  Make sure to notify the registrar so the courses scheduled will not be repeat courses.

Does the college give credit for AP or CLEP?

The college gives credit for both AP (Advanced Placement) and CLEP (College Level Examination Program). Course names, minimum score accepted, credit hours awarded, and institutional course equivalent (if any) are found on the transferring credits page.

Can students change their schedules?

Students may stop by or e-mail the Registrar’s office through the first 5 days of the semester (we see lots of students during Character Camp) to request schedule changes.  After the 5th day of the semester, students may not add classes but may request to drop classes (as long as they have a minimum of 12 hours if full time) using the Drop Class link on Campusweb.  A drop fee is charged after the 5th day of the semester. 

My student has a learning or physical disability; what do we do? 

See Student with Disabilities.

How do students apply for veteran's benefits?

The Assistant Registrar is the designated official for veteran’s benefits.  The Assistant Registrar is located in the Registrar’s Office in the McDonald Administration Building, or may be contacted at or 417-690-3223. Extensive information is posted on the C of O web site Veterans page.

Are there any special instructions for international students?

The Admissions and the Registrar’s office work together to provide the documentation necessary to obtain a visa in the student’s home country.  Once the student arrives in the United States he/she should, as soon as possible, sign in (this is a federal requirement)with the Assistant Registrar in the Registrar’s office in the McDonald Administration Building ( or 417-334-6411 x3223).  The Assistant Registrar is the international student liaison on campus.

Can I get a copy of my student’s grades?

In accordance with federal law, the College has adopted policies and procedures governing the confidentiality of student educational records. In general, no individual shall have access to, nor will the College disclose any information from, a student’s education record without the written consent of the student. Exceptions allow certain personnel of the College to see records as well as procedures for release in emergency situations.  If the student would like his/her parents to have access to academic information a waiver form may be completed.  Upon request the Registrar’s office will provide mid-term and final grades to the parents of students who have completed a waiver form. Additional information on student records may be found on the FERPA page

How many credit hours are needed to graduate?

In order to graduate from College of the Ozarks a student must complete a minimum of 125 semester hours of credit with a 2.00 or higher cumulative grade point average. Some degree programs require more than 125 hours to graduate. Refer to the desired program for specific credit requirements.

I changed my major since applying to the college, who do I contact?

To change a major prior to arriving on campus, email the Dean of the College office at  Current students must go in person to the Dean of the College office to complete the change of major paperwork.

What if I do not know what major I want to pursue?

It is acceptable to declare “undecided” as a major. Students are encouraged to take an introductory course in an area of interest, or visit the Career Center where surveys are available to help project an area of interest.

What if students have trouble in a class?

Students are encouraged to ask questions in class, to meet with the instructor at the first indication of trouble, and to seek out study groups. Several departments offer tutoring and assistance in the evening.

What are the majors offered at C of O?

See Majors and Minors.

Does C of O offer a study abroad program?

Not in the technical sense of the term, during which students study overseas for a semester. However, C of O offers many opportunities to travel abroad. The College's Patriotic Travel program provides international travel to sites of World War II battles, during which students are accompanied by veterans to enhance the learning experience.  Experience courses are occasionally available and provide opportunities for visiting foreign countries. Additionally, various opportunities for international travel are sometimes available through College sponsored mission trips and other extra-curricular activities.

What is the school’s policy on absences?

Class attendance is mandatory. Excused absences are granted to those students in officially sanctioned (Dean of the College approved) college activities and for students with a valid clinic excuse. Excessive absences are reported by professors and the student is called in to speak with the Dean. For more information on class attendance, please consult the Student Handbook.

What is your graduation rate?

See Graduation Rates.

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