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Campus Security

College of the Ozarks
Security Department
Point Lookout, Missouri 65726
(417) 690-3448

The College of the Ozarks Security Department works under the direction of the Dean of Administration.  We are a private Security Department with all authority coming from the College of the Ozarks.  We work closely with local law enforcement agencies and may be assisted by these departments when necessary.  The officers receive specialized training in such things as Certification for use of Portable Defibrillators, CPR, Storm Spotter classes, Threat and Risk Assessment, Firearms Training, etc.

The department is made up of six full time staff officers, five student officers, and seven student gate officers.

The Security Department strives to provide a safe and orderly campus for all students, faculty and staff.  This is accomplished by the following methods:

Twenty Four Hour Patrol:  The campus is patrolled twenty four hours a day, seven days a week by use of foot, bicycle and vehicle patrol.  All unusual activity is logged and checked by the officers.  This information is passed on to the Dean of Administration and dealt with appropriately.

Building Security:  Campus buildings are locked and unlocked on a set schedule or by order of a facilities permit.  Buildings are also randomly checked by security officers during the shifts.  Please remember that you must have authorization in order to use a college facility.

Reports:  An incident report is filed on things such as theft, vandalism, disturbances, etc.  All incidents are investigated and the reports are delivered to the Dean of Administration for action.  The incident reports may also be forwarded to local law enforcement agencies.  The Security Department works all vehicle accidents that happen on college property and an accident report is completed. These accident reports are then sent to insurance companies at their request.  All incident and accident reports are kept on file at the security office and the Dean of Administration office.

Interaction With Faculty, Staff and Students:  The College of the Ozarks is, in many ways, like a small independent community. The Security Department cares about the safety and well-being of the college family.  We are public servants and are always here to help.  Please contact the Security Department if we can assist you in any way.

Contacting Security

To contact security from on campus, dial extension 3448.  If nobody is in the office, you may leave a message and the officer will return your call.  You can also dial 0 and tell the switchboard to contact the security officer by radio.

For emergencies, dial 0 and have the switchboard contact the officer by radio.  Always give the operator your name, the location of the problem, the type of problem and, if possible, a call back number.

Public Relations

The department’s goal is to provide security services in a friendly and courteous manner.  Public Relations is a big part of our job.  We are always available to answer any question that students, faculty and staff may have.

Enforcement of College Regulations

The College of the Ozarks must have rules and regulations to maintain order.  The Security Department is empowered by college administration to enforce these rules.  The officers may issue citations when these rules are violated.  Parking and traffic regulations are explained in the student handbook.  However, many new students may not completely understand these explanations.  If you are in doubt about any of the parking and traffic regulations, please ask one of the security officers.  We will be happy to answer your questions. 

Speeding Violations

The speed limit on our streets is 20mph.  This speed limit was established many years ago as the maximum safe speed for our campus.  The 20mph speed limit is in place to protect you, other students, faculty , staff and visitors to our campus.  Please think of the safety of others when driving on campus. 

Parking Regulations

The College of the Ozarks parking regulations are set up to provide the best parking for all of our college family at any given time.  Some of these regulations may change for special events such as major convocations, graduation or large sporting events.  The Security Department must enforce the parking regulations to maintain a fair and orderly parking system.

Vehicle Registration

All vehicles belonging to students, faculty and staff must be registered.  In order to maintain a safe campus, the Security Department must be able to identify vehicles that are parked on college property.  Vehicle registration also aids in locating people in case of an emergency.  Please keep your college vehicle registration current.

Campus Watch Program

The College of the Ozarks has almost no crime.  Everyone must work together to keep this record.  If crimes are not solved, they will increase, and crimes get solved through good information from the public.  If you see a crime committed or have information concerning a crime, please pass the information along to campus security.  You can remain anonymous and help keep your friends or even yourself from becoming a victim.  Please do your part to keep our campus safe. 

Reporting a Crime

A major part of the Security Department’s job is to see that the campus is safe at all times.  Even though our campus is one of the quietest in the country, problems can develop.

In these cases, call the campus switchboard (dial 0) and ask the operator to send a security officer to the location.  Be sure to tell the operator the nature of the problem, the location and any other information that would help the officers.  It is also a good idea to give the operator a call back number.  The operator will then dispatch an officer and the situation will be taken care of.  The officer will most likely do a written report and will need more information at the scene. 

Student Officer Recruitment

Student Security Officers are part of the campus work program and work fifteen hours per week.  They receive training in patrol procedures, report writing, investigations and public relations.  All student officers are Criminal Justice majors that are planning careers in police work or a related job field.  The on the job training that they receive while working in the Security Department is very beneficial when they graduate and apply for a job in law enforcement.

If you are majoring in Criminal Justice and are interested in working as a Student Security Officer, please call or email the Security Department to schedule an interview.

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