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Radio and Video Production

Communication Arts Radio and Video Production Emphases

The Radio and Video Production emphases are designed to be as diverse as the field they are preparing students to enter. This field is changing quickly, and these areas are intended to prepare students for a changing media landscape. Students in these production areas will graduate with 1) a solid foundation in writing; 2) strong critical and analytical thinking abilities; 3) understanding of foundational media practices; 4) a basis in media law and ethics.

After taking a core group of courses in the Communication Arts, students can choose the production track that best suits their needs and interests.

Video Production

Two monitors with video editing software openedThe Video Production track gives students an opportunity to develop their skills in storytelling, producing, camera operation, editing, and special effects. A student in the Video Production track, in addition to learning the beginning levels of all electronic mediums, will participate in developed study and the creative use of video as a tool for mass communication. Classes will focus on video production for clients, television, short films, and the Internet.

Equipment and programs for Video Production

Different styles of digital tape cameras;

  • HD tapeless camera
  • AVID Media Composer
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe Production Master Suite

Radio Production

A close-up of a soundboardThe Radio Production emphasis gives students an opportunity to develop their skills in producing, sound recording, and editing and radio production. A student in Radio Production, in addition to learning beginning levels of all electronic mediums, will participate in developed study and the creative use of audio as a tool for mass communication. Classes will focus on live sound reinforcement, music and vocal recording for clients, radio personality for broadcast, and audio content.

Equipment and programs for Radio Production

  • Dynamic and Condenser Microphones
  • Analog and Digital Mixing Consoles
  • ProTools
  • Adobe Audition

Our Facilities

A computer labThe Communication Media Production center is located on the second floor of the Jamison Mass Media building.

Our facilities include:

  • A non-broadcast TV studio 
  • A video edit suite with multiple editors (Mac and PC)
  • A radio/voiceover sound studio
  • A music recording studio
  • A computer lab

On-Campus Worksites

The front of a video camera with the background blurred outThere are many on-campus jobs for students in the production field. A few of the more popular workstations are:

The Mass Communications Department

This department creates and produces video and audio projects for many of the departments and offices around campus. The Mass Communications department workers record campus events and musical ensembles, and produce instructional videos and entertaining commercials. Students in the Mass Communications department get first-hand practice at putting their education to work, while creating for themselves an invaluable resume of experience.

The Phoenix Yearbook

Old photographic equipment and yearbooksIn addition to a published yearbook each new year, the Phoenix employs students to create a video supplement for the bound book. Students in the video Phoenix write, develop, and produce content for enjoyment by students, staff and faculty. This creative workstation requires that students not only have great ideas, but develop the means to see them through to completion.


The campus radio station, KCOZ, provides students with on opportunity to develop their skills as an on-air personality or behind the scenes in the world of radio. With many opportunities, both on and off the microphone, KCOZ is a great place to get real radio experience.

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